Are Nelson and Berna from The Challenge dating?

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After The Challenge 37, Berna Canbeldek provided an update on her and Nelson Thomas’ status. In only the first eight episodes of The Challenge Season 37, Nelson Thomas and rookie Berna were involved in several hookups and showmances. This occurred soon after it was revealed that Nelson had been having an affair with senior castrate Ashley Mitchell, causing considerable turmoil in the house and Berna’s disdain. Nelson and Berna, on the other hand, maintained their Challenge showmance and even attempted to branch out outside the show. Berna provided an update on matters after she departs from the Spies, Lies & Allies broadcast, claiming she found Nelson was different when they met again after the shooting finished.

On Spies, Lies, and Allies, Berna claimed Nelson was there for her.

Ashley and Nelson had an unexpected connection in the first few episodes of The Challenge Season 37. Nelson had his eye on newbie Berna Canbeldek from Challenge Turkey, and that changed in only a few episodes.

On The Challenge, Nelson and Berna seemed to be having a love relationship, which also included climbing into bed for a snuggle session together. He did, however, seem to be sleeping alongside co-star Ashley later on. Despite this, Berna and Nelson’s relationship persisted, with Nelson admitting that their connection is unique. In the house, they both had friendship difficulties, such as Berna weeping in front of the female rookies and Nelson made Emy feel sorry for this.

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When Ashley saw Nelson trying to get to know Berna in the club, she became enraged, and Ashley, Amanda, and perhaps a few others turned on the newbie.

Berna ended up winning an elimination under her own early on, but she was forced to cooperate with Hughie Maughan for Season 37, Episode 8. Unfortunately, the pair lost, putting an end to Berna’s showmance with Nelson and their time on the show.

Berna told Entertainment Weekly after her elimination that Nelson was her “angel and devil in the house” and that he started flirting with her when he first spotted her. He persevered in paying attention to her, she claimed and did not allow the emotion to get in the way of being with her.

Berna also stated that Nelson has never failed her. He stood by her side in need. He made her laugh since no one else was in the home with her. Except for Nelson and Esther, no one spent much time with Berna. As a result, she was overjoyed to have Nelson around.

After The Challenge, Nelson and Berna attempted dating.

As per, Nelson went down to the ground level of The Lair after the elimination defeat to embrace and kiss Berna farewell. Before she left the stage, he told her, “See you soon.” Berna told that she wept for weeks after she left because she missed Nelson.

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Nelson and Berna reconnected in Ibiza, where several Challenge contestants were exploring relationships outside Spies, Lies, and Allies. Berna, on the other hand, claimed she found Nelson was different outside of The Challenge and that they were not that well as a relationship.

They wanted to be in a relationship and be together because it was not simply a flirting and hanging out thing for them. They believed they would be together for the rest of their lives since they loved each other so much. However, when they were out in the real world, it did not function. It came as a complete surprise. Berna said that she truly wanted it to end with him as she was in close adoration with Nelson.

She went on to explain that she was unhappy when things went that way and that she wondered whether Nelson was faking it with her for television.

It was a difficult moment for Berna when she discovered Nelson was not the same guy he was in the home. She was first dissatisfied and enraged. But later she discovered what Nelson was saying and concluded that he is simply a free spirit and a unique individual.

Fortunately for Nelson, it seems that Berna is still friendly with him, although their relationship did not work out. However, this is not the case for several other Season 37 cast members. Berna said that if she returns for The Challenge, she wants to send two or three people home.

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Is Nelson still dating Berna?

No, Berna revealed that their on-screen relationship resulted in nothing. Berna recently signed up for The Challenge: Aftermath program as a virtual shock for Nelson, with his co-stars commenting on how happy he seemed. Despite this, Berna replied on Instagram to Amanda Garcia, clarifying that she is not dating Nelson. It comes after Amanda posted a picture of Nelson dancing with a female and captioned it, “Berna who?” Berna shared the picture on her Instagram account, implying that they were on the program together.

Response of fans towards Nelson and Berna’s relationship

One admirer backed the couple wholeheartedly and commented that this entire Nelson/Ashley scenario will go to end in tears. Another fan reacted by saying that he is not sure why Nelson felt hooking up with Ashley would be a good idea (he was just looking for drama), and he hoped that Nelson pursues Berna completely (The fan believe they are cute). Another person commented that Nelson should attempt to find Berna just because it looks better. From the social media posts of fans, it is clear that they like the relationship of Nelson and Berna. 

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