Are Standalone Operators Available For UK Players

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Are Standalone Operators Available For UK Players

A UK casino is a website that has a UKGC licence or is located in the United Kingdom. It can obviously accept UK players and these are websites you get once you search for the online casino. 

An independent online casino is a website for gambling that has or doesn’t have gambling licenses but will still accept UK players. These websites can be located on a server in any country in the world. Can UK players use these gambling sites? 

Do UK Players Have Access To Independent Operators

In the lack of a better word, yes all UK players are free to create an account at independent online casinos on NonGamStopBets and gamble there. There are no additional steps or anything similar you need to worry about. All you have to do is to gamble. Furthermore, these sites are more interesting than you may believe and there are not a lot of limits here. Yes, there are pros and cons, like with any other types of online casinos, but you do get a few advantages.

Keep in mind that you won’t find a UKGC licence at these casinos. What this means is that if you have a problem, you will have to contact customer support of the casino and/or contact the gambling authority that issued a licence to that casino. Usually, this is eGaming Curacao but you can still use sites with MGA and other licenses. Another thing to know is that if a casino has any licence of the above, it is a reputable site to use. These gambling authorities all do the same thing. They will test the casino, games, payment methods and so much more. If everything is fine, a site will get the licence. They are responsible so a gambler can contact the gambling authority if there is an issue. In other terms, you have the rights, and you are protected while playing there. Which gambling authority is present is actually less important. 

It is worth noting that you don’t have to use VPNs or anything similar to visit these casinos. If they accept UK players, they will be available for you when you load the site. Yes, you can even use a smartphone to create a new account and gamble. There are no major differences here compared to UK sites for gambling. When it comes to smartphone or mobile gambling, usually these sites do not offer mobile apps. You will need to use a web browser on your smartphone or a tablet in order to gamble. This can be an advantage as well, considering you can use older smartphones for gambling as well. 

The Difference Between the UK and Independent Operators

At first sight, there are no differences. But, if you take a deep look we can see all kinds of differences. The first one is the limits. Independent operators have much higher or don’t have limits at all. This made them more appealing for gamblers who like to bet big and to win big. Then we have a similar perk with games. Independent casinos offer more games simply because they can use any software developer and any game they like. 

Probably the most important perk is the bonus option. What this means is that an independent casino can offer much higher welcome, daily, and weekly bonuses. They don’t have to pay for high UK taxes, expensive UKGC license, or anything similar. As such, players get better bonuses or promotions on a regular basis. This affects almost all standalone casinos which are already reviewed, rated, and sorted for all readers by NonGamStopBets.

Another difference we would like to cover is the fact that independent casinos can accept more payment methods. You won’t find PayPal and similar options, but you can use other e-wallets, and more importantly, you can use credit cards. They are unavailable at UK casinos because of limits set by UKGC. This is one of the most impressive perks and one of the main reasons why so many UK players gamble here. 

In general, independent casinos offer more freedom while gambling. There are not a lot of limits, limitations, or anything similar that may have a negative effect on the overall gambling experience. Players from the United Kingdom can place any bet they like, at any given moment and play any game they like. UK casinos are more limited and more complicated to use. 

There is another difference related to GamStop and blocking platforms. They do not work with independent operators. They work only with UK casinos and they are available only for UK players. However, other or independent blocking methods may be available. 


Independent online casinos can be accessed by UK players. There are no special steps or anything similar. These are actually more than just popular these days and more and more UK players are gambling here. They get better bonuses, more entertaining games, and a more appealing gambling experience in general. If you like, you can gamble as well. There are no major things to worry about. 

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