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Fans of Are You The One? should be excited since a new season of the show is heading to Netflix shortly! Season 3 of Are You The One? will be available on Netflix in December 2021, and most of the viewers have been anticipating it for a long time.

Are you new to Are You The One? and want a concise overview of what the program is about? Then you have come to the correct spot since we have covered everything! Are You The One? is a reality television show that aired on MTV in 2014 and lasted eight seasons.

A group of women and men are assigned to find their ideal partner in this series. And, of course, if all competitors are coupled with their perfect match by the season’s conclusion, there is a substantial grand prize.

The competitors go on dates with partners chosen through challenges (like, in the seventh installment, pairs were selected by “fate button” only) and have the option to discover whether a particular team is a good fit in the “truth booth” at the end of each season. When the truth booth verifies a perfect match, the couple will be whisked away to the honeymoon room and coupled up for the rest of the match rituals. The participants are paired up in a “matching ceremony” at the conclusion of each show and discover how many good fits they have, but not which ones are right. From season 3 onwards, the reward was halved as the house was unable to find any ties other than those previously verified by the truth booth.

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Also, seasons 1 and 2 of Are You The One? are now leaving Netflix on November 30, and we do not want you to find searching for the same on other streaming services rather than Netflix.

The majority of fans have already seen the previous two seasons and are eager to see more fortunate individuals meet their soul mates. Are You The One? Season 3 is started premiering at the very beginning of December.

Prepare to bookmark your calendars because we are about to reveal the Netflix release date for Are You The One? Season 3 right below!

Netflix release date of season 3 of Are You The One?

Season 3 of Are You The One? started streaming on December 1 on Netflix.  Many additional new releases are also scheduled for December, including Lost in Space season 3, The Power of the Dog, Do not Look Up, Single All The Way, The Witcher season 2, and many others.

Participants of season 3 of Are You The One?

Male participants of season 3 of Are You The One?

  • Alec Gonzalez      from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Austin Sheets from Addison, Texas
  • Chuck Mowery, a Maui, Hawaii resident
  • Connor Smith, a Tinley Park, Illinois resident
  • Devin Walker-Molaghan, a Northampton, Massachusetts resident
  • Hunter Barfield, a Perry, Florida resisdent
  • Mike Crescenzo, a Stony Brook, New York resident
  • Nelson Thomas, a San Marcos, Texas resident
  • Tyler Johnson from Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Zak Longo from Toronto, Canada
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As per, the Female participants of season 3 of Are You The One will be:

  • Amanda Garcia from Westminster, Colorado
  • Britni Thornton from Augusta, Georgia
  • Chelsey Perkins, an Orlando, Florida resident
  • Kayla Brackett, a Sandy Hook, Connecticut resident
  • Hannah Rathbun, a Syracuse, New York resident
  • Cheyenne Floyd, a Los Angeles, California resident
  • Kiki Cooper, an Ashburn, Virginia resident
  • Rashida Beach, a Columbia, South Carolina resident
  • Melanie Velez, a Franklin Square, New York resident
  • Stacey Gurnevich, a Staten Island, New York resident

Perfect matches found in season 3 of Are You The One?

The couple Hunter & Kiki was not a perfect match after the end of episode 1. The couple Devin & Kiki also failed to be an ideal match after episode 2. In episode 3, it looks like Zak & Kiki may be the perfect match, but ultimately they disappointed the viewers. The pair Chuck & Britni is also proved to be a non-perfect match. In episode 5, Connor & Chelsey were selected as a perfect match. The pairs Chuck & Kiki, Alec & Melanie, Nelson & Kiki, and Hunter & Britni also failed to be a perfect match in subsequent episodes.  In the last episode, truth booth found a perfect match between Zak & Kayla.

Challenges of Season 3 of Are You The One?

Amanda Garcia participates in Invasion of the Champions, Rivals III, Final Reckoning, XXX: Dirty 30, Spies, Lies & Allies, War of the Worlds; but she cannot excel in any challenge and have not gained any prize money from the challenges.

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Britni Thornton participates in Vendettas, XXX: Dirty 30, Final Reckoning and cannot win any of the challenges.

Cheyenne Floyd participates in Rivals III; and succeeds in reaching the final round. Unfortunately, she cannot win but get $12500 as the prize.

Chuck Mowery participates in Final Reckoning and cannot excel in the challenge.

Devin Walker-Molaghan participates in most of the challenges in season 3. He takes part in XXX: Dirty 30, Rivals III, Final Reckoning, Vendettas, Spies, Lies & Allies, Double Agents, and Champs vs. Stars 3. He reached the final round Rival III and got $15500 as the prize. In Champs vs. Stars 3, he won $950.

Hunter Barfield participates in XXX: Dirty 30, Invasion of the Champions, War of the Worlds, Final Reckoning and is a finalist in War of the Worlds, Final Reckoning. He ultimately wins in the Final Reckoning challenge.

Nelson Thomas participates in Invasion of the Champions, Rivals III, Vendettas, XXX: Dirty 30, Total Madness, Final Reckoning, Spies, Double Agents, Lies & Allies. He reaches the final round of Invasion of the Champions and wins $36250 from all the challenges.

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