Army Of The Dead: Netflix Unveils First 15 Minutes Of The Film!

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Netflix has released the first 15 minutes of Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” to give zombie fans a first real look.

The eagerly awaited zombie-heist flick “ Army of the Dead ” will soon be made available on Netflix, but impatient fans can already take a look at Zack Snyder’s return to his roots: The streaming service has the first one for just a few hours 15 minutes published. So don’t miss it. For the faint of heart, however, it should be said that things get down to business right from the start.

Just as it should be for a zombie film set in a gambler’s paradise in the middle of the Mojave Desert, the origin of the evil is of course to be found in the nearby Area 51. Something should be transported from there. The convoy sets off with a heavily armed escort. The soldiers are prepared for anything – just not a newlywed couple from Las Vegas. And so the disaster takes its course. Because the cargo turns out to be a pretty uncomfortable zombie. Experiments were probably made with either dead or living soldiers. Did you try to create a kind of Captain America?

In any case, one thing is certain: It really looks like a straight summer blockbuster that should put you in a good mood at the movie night. Army of the Dead will be available from May 21, 2021, on Netflix.

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Prequel spin-off for “Army of the Dead”: Will zombies even show up?

In the title sequence, the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse in Las Vegas is cut in fast motion. Everything that happens in detail is then dealt with in the prequel spin-off ” Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas “. In this anime, Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward will again take center stage. The 52-year-old will lend his anime likeness the voice.

The other spin-off “ Army of Thieves ” will also be interesting. This prequel has also already been shot and revolves around Matthias Schweighöfer’s safecracker Dieter. He is hired by a mysterious woman to carry out several almost impossible raids across Europe. In addition to Schweighöfer, who steals the show from everyone after the first voices in “Army of the Dead”, there are also Nathalie Emmanuel, Ruby O. Fee, Guz Khan, Stuart Martin, Jonathan Cohen, and Noémie Nakai. Schweighöfer also directed this.

The question that arises in this prequel is whether the Army of Thieves will have zombies at all. After all, the prequel is set in Europe, far from the disaster in Las Vegas. But if the corona pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that bad things can spread to all corners of the world pretty quickly.

So it will be interesting to see how successful “Army of the Dead” and the two prequels will be. It depends on Netflix’s plan to build an entire “Army” universe.

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