Arslan Senki: Season 3 In 2022? What’s Known So Far?

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Arslan Senki
  • Arslan Senki Season 3 Is Yet To Be Confirmed Officially
  • We can expect it to release by mid-2022.

Adventures and action are the two components that make an anime better than the others, the story of Arslan Senki is not self-centered around the main hero but is the story of the awakening of a legend. The fans of this anime have been waiting for a third season since 2016 but not a single luck door has been opened for them from the creators of the show.

Is Season 3 Coming:

The answer is YES! A third season for the legendary fan favorite anime is on the cards. Despite no official announcement, the speculations of Season 3 are all around the corners of the internet. Based on the 1986 Japanese novel of the same name, the show released in 2015 claimed the stairs of popularity in a matter of time.

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Is There Enough Material?

The availability of material is where the speculations seem nothing more than some rumors. The novel series consists of a total of 16 publications which were published between 1986 and 2016. Even after the novel series has come to an end, its manga adaptations are still on and running. Out of 12 manga volumes released to the date, the first season covered the story of 3 manga volumes, while the second season covered the other remaining volumes. 

The manga is yet to publish new volumes which increase the possibility of Season 3.

Is There A Release Date Available?

The creators of the show are yet to shed light on the official release date for the new season. Despite the silence, reports have emerged that the new season can hit the screens in 2022, with an official announcement being made in late 2021.

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  1. Honestly, I’ve never been the type that liked historical things. But after watching the heroiclegends of arslan I changed my mind. It became my favorite anime and I’ve also been reading the Manga version.


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