Artists Rally Behind BandCamp Employees’ Unionization Efforts

Raymond McKinnon

Published on:

Bandcamp has become one of the most artist-friendly alternatives to Apple Music and Spotify, however, concerns arose when the platform was acquired by Epic Games, one of the world’s largest video game and software development companies, last year. To enact change, Bandcamp workers formed a new union, Bandcamp United, to ensure the company continues to uphold its values of fair pay, transparent policies, and using social power to uplift marginalized communities. Independent artists and promoters formed the majority of the union and have gained support from fans and musicians alike, including Deerhoof, Bikini Kill, and The Mountain Goats. The union aims to provide an ethical and fair alternative to the streaming economy and advocate for a better Bandcamp for all. With the support of the music community, the union hopes to succeed.

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