Astrid Nelsia (LVDA4) performs botox injections in her armpits, the unlikely reason revealed

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Astrid Nelsia (LVDA4) performs botox injections in her armpits, the unlikely reason revealed

By romainecharp10 – Posted on 30 Apr 2022 at 08:40

Astrid Nelsia shared a rather amazing story of her on Instagram. We see her having a product injected into her armpits.

Plastic surgery ? A subject far from taboo for Astrid Nelsia! In La Villa des Coeurs Brisés, shot in 2019, the young woman had openly spoken to her suitors about her various operations. She had even shared some rather surprising information! Rather than playing sports, the candidate replied that she preferred to go directly to her surgeon. His reason? It goes “faster”. In addition, the beautiful brunette regularly exposes on social networks her various operations carried out on her body without worrying about what others think of her choices. Breast augmentation, liposuction, lip injections… Astrid Nelsia even shared the amount of her expenses on Instagram. And this amounts to several tens of thousands of euros!

On January 4, 2022, Sisika’s ex hosted a Q&A session on Instagram. She confided that she no longer wished to undergo cosmetic surgery. She even shared the reason for this decision: “No, that’s it, I’m serious good and beautiful there. “And yet, the candidate for season 4 of the Holidays of the angels published a photo on April 29, 2022 where we see her being injected with a product in her armpits. An operation that we are less used to seeing on the networks, among the candidates for reality TV.

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Astrid Nelsia goes back to plastic surgery

The photo of these new injections caused a lot of talk on the web. A surfer is surprised on Twitter: “Astrid Nelsia who makes botox injections in the armpits so as not to sweat?”. Blogger @clash.tvshow picked up this tweet and commented: “Everyone is shocked and slams Astrid, but me, the first one I saw doing this was Stephanie Durant. “According to the blogger, the injections that we see in the photo of the reality TV candidate would therefore contain botox. And indeed, the product would not only have an anti-wrinkle action. It would also block perspiration. Astrid has not yet spoken about the reason for these injections that we see on our screens. Maybe she will say more on Instagram very soon?

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