‘Attack on Titan’ no termina: Anuncian parte 3 para temporada final de’Shingeki No Kiojin’


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Much was speculated about the possibility that ‘Attack on Titan’ would add a third part to the final season of its history and that, as such, the closure of the titans’ history would take a little longer. NHK has confirmed the rumors and after the premiere of the last chapter of part 2 of what is supposed to be the installment that will bring this anime to a close, it was announced that there will be a new installment soon.

After the broadcast on Japanese television of chapter 87 of the popular anime, which is the 28th of the fourth season, it was revealed through social networks that “Shingeki No Kiojin” had not yet reached its conclusion. NHK, the television network that broadcasts the animation based on the manga by Hajime Isayama, announced that another installment was being prepared for this action and suspense adventure.

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With a brief teaser, the television channel confirmed that ‘Attack on Titan’ will have a part 3 for its final season, the fourth. Although, for now, not many details have been given about it and the only thing that has been revealed is that this new installment would be released until 2023, so we will have to wait a long time to see how the confrontation of the Corps of Exploration and the titans in Paradis, with Eren Jeaguer as the protagonist.

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For its part, Crunchyroll has also confirmed that the anime will continue its story, but not taken for granted that they will also have it in their catalog. That is to say, we will have to be patient so that the relevant negotiations are made between the companies so that said production joins the rest of the chapters and seasons of ‘Shingeki No Kiojin’, which has the digital service specialized in anime.

Episode 87 of ‘Attack on Titan’ on Crunchyroll

It is common that after the premiere of an episode of ‘Attack on Titan’ on Japanese television, Crunchyroll adds it to its catalog hours later. According to their information, the time they arrive in Mexico is around 2:45 PM every Sunday; however, in the case of episode 87 this has not been the case and until now, it is not available on the platform.

Possibly, the fandom will have to wait a little longer to enjoy the final chapter of the second part of the fourth season of this anime. We will have to be attentive to their social networks to find out when they upload to their platform, this episode that will partially conclude the anime, in what comes in 2013 to know its third installment of what would be, the last breath of this history.

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For now, it only remains to be patient for everything that happens with ‘Attack on Titan’, because at least in Latin America you still have to wait for chapter 87, ‘The Dawn of Humanity’; and in turn, that little by little information is revealed about what will happen in part 3 of the last season of this successful anime that has been on air for nine years.

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