Austin Butler Achieves Dreams in His 30s

Raymond McKinnon

Published on:

After starting his career in his mid-teens, Austin Butler has received critical acclaim for his title role of the biopic ‘Elvis’ and recently starred in the movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’ Butler previously feared that he would not achieve the same level of success as his Hollywood role-model, Leonardo DiCaprio, which had skyrocketed to fame within his early twenties.

However, Butler has now learned to appreciate the successes of his Hollywood career, and the respective focus needed in order to keep improving. Butler has also been featured in Vanity Fair’s portfolio: ‘The In Crowd: 12 Young Stars Make Their Hollywood Cover Debut’, which has been photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Patti Wilson.

Austin Butler expressed his happiness over his newfound fame, stating “I mean, I had times where I just thought, ‘Oh, maybe it’ll never happen or I’ll never get those opportunities.'” Austin Butler is the perfect example of achieving success despite fears, and inspires many looking to follow their dreams in the entertainment industry.

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