Avatar 2: How This Dead Character Will Return?

In “Avatar 2” a dead figure from the first part is expected to return. There is already a possible explanation for the reunion.

“Avatar 2” will present completely new places on Pandora to viewers. The focus will be on underwater worlds, as concept drawings and some stars have already revealed. To new places and characters, we will also meet old friends. Among others, Dr. Grace Augustine, who is played by Sigourney Weaver and who actually died in “Avatar – Departure for Pandora “.

The return of Dr. Augustine could be explained with the tree of souls, the sacred place of the Navi, which already played an important role in the first part. Main character Jake Sully ( Sam Worthington ) shortly before the death of Dr. Augustine tries to transfer her soul into her avatar body there. However, it appeared that she died before the procedure was successful. Dr. Augustine’s appearance in “Avatar 2” now indicates that her soul is at least partially in a new body.

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Dr. Augustine could return as a water being.

Since Weaver has already been spotted in a performance capture suit and she said she had to hold her breath for six minutes to shoot underwater, it’s likely that we heard Dr. Augustine will be seen again as a human-like creature who travels a lot in the water. If the transfer of your personality only partially worked, we may see some flashbacks in the first part, with the help of which your character can remember the past again.

How exactly the tree of souls works is not entirely clear, but perhaps there will be more detailed information about the holy place in the next part. We already saw a successful soul transfer at the end of “Avatar” when Jake changed his body permanently. In “Avatar 2” he lives with Neytiri ( Zoe Saldana ) on Pandora and has three children with her. As Dr. Augustine will really return, we will find out no later than December 14, 2022, when the next James Cameron film hits theaters.

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