Ayesha Curry’s name is mentioned in ‘Certified Lover Boy,’ and Drake fans are ecstatic

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Ayesha Curry is named in a new song from the album of Drake, but she doesn’t appear to have a problem with her husband Steph Curry. Drizzy was even complimented for the new record! Drake named Ayesha Curry on one of his new album’s tracks, Certified Lover Boy, released on Sept. 3. “How shall I wife it? Drake raps in the song ‘Race my mind’ apparently suggesting that Ayesha is the bar for what he is searching for in a lady. You don’t have enough Ayesha. Ayesha herself, of course, is already taken — the NBA star is her husband, Stephen Curry.

On 3 September, Twitter buzzed with the highly anticipated release of Drake’s sixth album, “Certified Lover Boy,” and Ayesha Curry was a major part of that discussion.

Fortunately, Steph seems to fully endorse Drake’s reference to his wife in this way. After the album was dropped by Drake, Steph tweeted “Congrats Bro!” These two are major Drake fans, although it is not apparent whether they were informed of an Ayesha mention on the album.

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Although Drake and Steph are completely great with one another, Drake isn’t a fan of the Golden State Warriors basketball player squad, NBA. Instead, Drake is rooted in the Toronto Raptors for his hometown team. The Raptors and Warriors competed in the 2019 NBA Finals and Drake also played Steph during the series. He even liked one of Ayesha’s Instagram images, at one point, which fans cracked (luckily, everyone pretty much realized it was all in good fun). The Raptors finished the series winning.

Ayesha and Steph Curry enjoyed Drake’s new album with different social media messages but did not expressly address Ayesha’s cries. Drake long enjoyed good connections with the stars of Warriors and at one time a concert was performed by Kevin Durant Jersey.

Fans also criticized Drake on Instagram after he liked certain photos of Ayesha Curry. The rapper said that he was selling a piece of lint that Steph Curry had plucked off as they played a basketball game. His wife replied humorously and inquired which charity they donated to.

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The new song of Drake seems to portray her as a desirable woman. And when the album was down, fans had something to say about the name drop and got on Twitter instantly. Drake’s sixth studio album is Certified Lover Boy. It was released on OVO Sound and Republic Records on 3 September. Many well-known artists like Lil Baby, Travis Scott, Savage, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi, and more are part of this high-profile record.

This record was unveiled by Drake at a concert in 2019. He taught it on Instagram later. The rapper then appeared at DaBaby’s show in Toronto, telling the audience that the new album had been completed. Initially, the single Not Around was leaked and confirmed via Instagram Live in March 2020. Boi-1da’s frequent collaborator had a glimpse of two snatches of Drake tracks. They were known as I Did and In the Cut.

Before the release of Dark Lane Demo Tapes, Drake announced the sixth studio album and planned to release the record by the end of 2020. On Instagram Live he previewed two additional songs. In July 2020, his recording engineer, Noel Cadastre, reported that the album was 90 percent finished. The title of the album was then disclosed in August 2020. Initially scheduled for release in January 2021, this album was postponed when a previous ligament injury to Drake was caused.

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