Bad Bunny will be Marvel’s first Latino superhero with ‘El Muerto’, a new Spiderman spin-off


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After starting his film career with the Netflix series ‘Narcos México’, and soon in ‘Bullet Train’ with Brad Pitt, Bad Bunny will now become the first Latino Marvel superhero to star in his own movie with ‘El Dead’, a new spin-off of Spiderman.

Sony is currently planning its cinematic universe based on Marvel characters, which already has three installments to its credit, the two ‘Venom’ movies, and ‘Morbius’. But in the future we will see ‘Kraven the Hunter’ and ‘Madame Web’ with Dakota Johnson, and rumors of a ‘Spider-Woman’ movie directed by Olivia Wilde.

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Now, from CinemaCon, via Deadline, Sony has confirmed that it is already working on a new movie based on Marvel characters, called ‘El Muerto’, where it was confirmed that the Puerto Rican singer, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, or better known as “Bad Bunny” will be the protagonist.

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In this new film, Bad Bunny will play Juan Carlos, a singer who was created in the Spider-Man comics, and in the Sony cinematic universe he will share the same timeline as ‘Venom’ and ‘Morbius’. This character is originally a superpowered wrestler who once nearly defeated Spider-Man in a wrestling tournament.

Who is The Dead? Bad Bunny’s character in Marvel

Known as El Muerto, this fighter has El Dorado as his villain, who was once going to kill him, however, the appearance of Spider-Man saved him. This Bad Bunny spin-off will make him the first Latino Marvel superhero to star in his own movie, and he is a character that has not had previous adaptations.

In this regard, Bad Bunny said a few words about the confirmation of ‘El Muerto’: “[Trabajar en Bullet Train fue] An incredible experience. [El director] David (Leitch) is amazing. I loved working with him on my first film and now with this opportunity to bring El Muerto to life. He is incredible. I love wrestling. I grew up watching wrestling and I am a wrestler. I’m a former champion, that’s why I love this character. I think he is the perfect role for me and it will be epic.”

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The president of Sony Pictures Group, Sanford Panich confirmed that ‘El Muerto’ with Bad Bunny will be released on January 12, 2024 if everything goes as planned. Given his intimate relationship with Spiderman, it is unknown who will be in charge of bringing this version of the arachnid to life, since recent rumors suggest that Andrew Garfield would have rejected the offer to return.

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