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Kate Herron Loki

The first season of Loki has received widespread critical acclaim and much of the credit goes to director Kate Herron. However, the filmmaker will not return for the second season.

In the mid-credits scene from the season finale of Loki, it was confirmed that the god of deception will return in a second season. Writer and producer Eric Martin has already revealed that they are working on the story, although we don’t know if lead writer Michael Waldron will return after being hired to write the film’s script. Star Wars planned by Kevin Feige. Unfortunately, you won’t be the only person on the team who doesn’t return to Loki, as we’ve learned today that director Kate Herron won’t either.

In an interview with Deadline, The filmmaker revealed that she will not return for the second season

“I’m not going to come back”, Herron admitted. “I always planned to be alone for this and to be honest, season 2 wasn’t in it – that’s something that just came out and I’m really excited. I’m very happy to see him as a fan next season, but I think I’m proud of what we did here and I gave it my all. I’m working on some other things that haven’t been announced yet. “.

As for whether he’s working on another Marvel Studios project, be it a movie or TV series, he added: “No, I’m just concentrating on my own stuff right now. I love Marvel and would love to work with them again, but my date with Loki is what I did with them.“.

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This is a real shame, although from Herron’s words he only planned to work on one season and it is very possible that Marvel Studios has not decided to go the route of Kang the conqueror in its continuation.

Whatever the case, Herron’s work on the series will certainly be lost, and it will be interesting to see who the studio turns to to continue exploring the world of the God of Deception and whether he is able to not only maintain the level but leave the even higher bar.

The first season of Loki is now available on Disney +, if you are not yet subscribed you can do it here.


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