Ballerina to Release on Confirmed Date as John Wick 4 Reaches $250 Million Worldwide

Raymond McKinnon

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Ballerina, the John Wick 4 Spinoff, Sets Release Date

Lionsgate has confirmed that the highly anticipated John Wick 4 spinoff, Ballerina, is set to release on June 7, 2024. Ana de Armas will reprise her role as an assassin trained in the traditions of the Ruska Roma, who was featured in John Wick: Chapter 3 as a deadly ballet company. The movie will take place between the events of Chapters 3 and 4, and will be directed by Len Wiseman.

Ballerina will feature returning favorites such as Keanu Reeves as John Wick, Ian McShane as Winston, and Norman Reedus as well as recently deceased Lance Reddick. This announcement comes on the heels of the success of John Wick 4, which has received critical acclaim and strong box office returns since its recent release.

The Growing Wick-verse

Ballerina is part of Lionsgate’s push to expand the John Wick universe, with a planned show set in the Continental among the upcoming projects. The studio is even considering a potential John Wick 5, stating that there is “a will and an openness” to continue expanding the franchise.

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Donnie Yen has expressed interest in starring in a Caine spinoff. There is certainly an appetite for more of the beloved franchise, with many calling John Wick 4 the best entry in the series.


With its release date set for 2024, Ballerina is poised to continue the momentum and success of the John Wick franchise. Can it live up to its predecessors? Only time will tell, but as of now, John Wick hasn’t missed yet.

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