Bam Margera: A Look at the ‘Jackass’ Star’s Journey Through the Years

Raymond McKinnon

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Bam Margera, cohost of MTV’s Jackass, has been in the headlines for his outrageous behaviour in the past, but for a more serious reason this time. In April last year, he spoke to ‘Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn’ speaking of his struggles with depression and substance abuse, which came after the death of his late MTV costar, Ryan Dunn. Since then, he has been struggling with his family and his mental health, with him admitting that it was “just the fact of [me] just being completely lost.”

To seek help, Margera recently posted on Instagram to TV Personality Dr. Phil McGraw, writing “Dr. Phil, I need your help in a big, big way.” Unfortunately, he then fled an in-patient treatment program in Florida, leaving his family worried.

However, in May 2022, he celebrated one year of sobriety. Following his flight from the in-patient program, Margera’s wife Nikki’s lawyer, David Glass, said in a statement that Nikki “remains dedicated to supporting Bam in his recovery.”

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The struggles Margera has faced over the years give hope to many that no matter how bad things can get, it can get better.

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