Barry Keoghan, star of ‘Eternals’ and ‘The Batman’, arrested for intoxication


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Bary Keoghan’s fame has been on the rise in recent years thanks to superhero movies like Marvel’s ‘Eternals,’ and his recent revelation as the Joker in ‘The Batman.’ Now, the young actor is going through a controversy, since it has just been announced that he was arrested for intoxication on April 10.

The 29-year-old actor, in addition to appearing in the aforementioned films, ‘The Batman’ and ‘Eternals’, has had a recognized career for working with some of today’s best directors, such as Yorgos Lanthimos in ‘The Sacrifice of the Sacred Deer ‘, Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’, or David Lowery with ‘The Green Knight’. In addition to a participation in the HBO series, ‘Chernobyl’.

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According to information from, actor Barry Keoghan was arrested for public intoxication in Dublin. The report indicates that the Irish police received a call in which a man was in a drunken state on his private balcony. Upon arrival, they saw the actor, and he did not resist the Garda Síochána (local police).

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The report indicates that the apartment belonged to a relative of Barry Keoghan, and that is why he was there: “When they arrived he was not threatening anyone in any way, but he was arrested and taken to the garda station, where he was treated before being set free. The matter is closed and nothing more will come of it.”

The controversy around Barry Keoghan

This time the first time that Barry Keoghan goes through an incident, because in August 2021, the actor was attacked at dawn, and taken to the hospital immediately. Fortunately for him, the injuries were not serious, and he never risked his life. Although at that time, Keoghan was the victim, this time he did not put someone else’s life at risk.

At the moment, the actor, or none of his representatives, has come out to clarify what happened in the early hours of April 10, or what happened with the arrest. So hopefully at some point Barry Keoghan will have a few words to explain what happened during the unfortunate event.

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Now, Barry Keoghan is in the middle of productions like ‘The Banshees of Inisherin’, ‘White’, the ‘Masters of the Air’ miniseries, and ‘Sapphire’. While fans hope to see more of him in the MCU with his Druig character, and of course, the sequel to ‘The Batman’, where we may see more of his version of the Joker.

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