Belinda told what is the secret to maintaining her figure

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As strange as it might seem, Belinda is not used to dieting, however, she has a great secret to maintaining her sculptural figure.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair magazine, the Spanish actress and singer revealed, among many other things, that she is of “good tooth”, that is, that she eats a lot, to such a degree of suffering the famous “pork disease”.

Once she eats, the protagonist of the series ‘Welcome to Eden’, must go to bed to take a nap.

“After eating, it makes me want to sleep. I’m already with the last part of the dessert and I say: ‘Oh, can we take a nap?’ But no! It’s when you have to feel like it the most, so another coffee directly,” he said.

This sensation is scientifically called postprandial alkaline tide and consists of a kind of lethargy of the body after consuming food.

In Mexico it is popularly known as “pig disease”, because as they say, pigs go to sleep after eating.

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For the artist, it is very important to stay active, since, she said, that is what helps her “burn more calories.”

“I like everything, I don’t have diets. I think the important thing is to be active during the day because that’s how you burn the calories. Obviously I try to take care of myself and eat ‘healthy’, but I don’t really have a diet,” he revealed.

Even Belinda confessed that it is customary to get up in the early morning to eat when she can’t fall asleep.

“They say and I think it is true, that the later you eat the fatter and I am when I get hungrier. At 2 o’clock in the morning I get hungry to go to the refrigerator to see what’s there,” he said.

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