Bella Thorne Announces That She Is Engaged To Her Boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo

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Bella Thorne
  • “She said yes”.
  • Actress Bella Thorne has announced through her networks that she will marry Benjamin Mascolo.
  • They also reveal the romantic way that her fiancé had to make the proposal.

Actress Bella Thorne has announced after two years of relationship with Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo that she is engaged. The couple has decided to take their romance to the next level and have told everything through their social networks, including the romantic way their fiancé had to declare his love.

The Story

Thorne, 23, and Mascolo, 27, made their romance official on Instagram in June 2019, following the breakdown of her with her ex-boyfriend. It all started with a comment on the said network and now the former Disney actress seems to be closer than ever to her happily ever after. In recent months the actress has been involved in several controversies after joining OnlyFans.

The singer Mascolo is part of the band ‘Benji & Fede’ with Federico Rossi. Mainly his songs are characterized by being pop ballads with romantic lyrics, but Benjamin is quite multifaceted since he has also participated in films such as: ‘Graceland’, ‘Time Is Up’ and ‘Young Lust’. What we did not know about the singer is that he hid that tender side.

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Here’s What They Said

He revealed himself that he wanted to make a special proposal, Benjamin asked Bella to marry him on the set of his new movie, ‘Time Is Up’, making the proposal seem straight out of a story: “I wrote a letter from love behind the script of our movie, at the end of the last scene. She was looking at the monitor with the director and … surprise.” Later he shared a photo where he taught his future wife with him and a huge pear-shaped diamond ring, in the caption Moscolo confirmed to his fans: “he said yes. “

The photo next to the message had almost half a million likes on Instagram. Also, they shared a video on their Instagram Stories in which Benjamin could be heard saying “Thank you for being amazing, honey. I love you so much,” to which she replied, “I love you so much.” “Yes! We are getting married. Celebration in Italy and America,” Benjamin added, and the Disney Channel star nodded, “Yes. I love you very much. Now kiss me.”

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