Bella Thorne on declaring herself pansexual: “I don’t have to lie anymore”

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Bella Thorne came out as a pansexual person(like Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato did ), at least two years ago. At first, the diva perceived herself as a bisexual person, but as she revealed in interviews, after much documentation and understanding the differences between the two terms, she was able to see her own sexuality better and now she claims to have no regrets.

The singer, actress, producer, and director are promoting her new video and are already thinking about the name of her second book. During an interview with Variety magazine, the Netflix star spoke about the time he made the announcement through his social networks and all the comments or warnings he received for it, even from people close to his circle.

“I was like, ‘Don’t be an idiot. They are going to take pictures of me. Someone is going to make me mush by kissing me with that girl. Someone is going to say something. Will explode. You expect me to lie all my life. Is this what I hear on the phone? Does matters? What the fuck does it matter? Even if it sucks a bit, at least I did and I don’t have to lie or worry about it anymore,” Bella Thorne said in a conversation with Marc Malkin.

Bella Thorne Announces That She Is Engaged To Her Boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo

In addition, Bella Thorne feels that her story serves at some point as an inspiration to thousands of young people who, like her, identify as pansexual and do not have support systems from their friends or parents. “It makes me so happy that they feel this connection and that they feel heard. It’s all the reasons I published the f ** king book. I believe that honesty is the strongest form of currency ”, she added.

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“I can’t imagine the pain that so many people I’ve looked up to and adored over the years have gone through in this industry wanting to be themselves,” added the former Disney star. Currently, Bella Thorne is committed to the Italian singer and model Benjamin Mascolo, who is in a relationship for two years.

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