Ben Affleck Scores Millions in Dunkin’ Deal

Samuel Edwards

Published on:

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez made a surprise appearance in Dunkin’ Donuts’ Super Bowl commercial on Sunday, and now it has been revealed that Ben’s paid deal with the company is worth “over $10 million”. According to sources, Ben was already set to appear in the commercial but Jennifer’s involvement was a total surprise. Jennifer was paid “just over $1 million” for her role.

The commercial features Ben working at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru window when his wife pulls up and asks him why he is there. He responds “you’re embarrassing me in front of my friends” before she retorts “is this what you do when you say you’re going to work all day?”

This commercial follows a surprise wedding for the couple in Las Vegas in July. Jennifer said that it was Ben’s idea to get married there first, taking “all the pressure off about the big wedding” that they were planning for August.

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