Ben Affleck: the request of the fans to Warner and the DCEU that went viral in networks

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This year fans of Ben Affleck got to see his long-awaited return as Batman in Zack Snyder’s cut for “ Justice League ” (DECU), something that had been put off since he last donned the cape in 2017. Apparently, they are not there. content with just one movie, because they want the 48-year-old actor to regain control of the film that is now in the hands of Matt Reeves.

“The Batman” originally had the direction of Ben Affleck, but when the project did not take the form he wanted (among other factors) he decided to relegate the film to the hands of third parties. Among the latest information on “The Batman” is that the recordings were carried out in London with Robert Pattinson at the helm and some delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since last weekend, DCEU fans have been pushing the hashtags #RestoreTheSnyderVerse on social media, so that Zack Snyder can once again have creative control of the DC Extended Universe. In addition, they did it with another petition raising the hashtag #MakeTheBatfleckMovie to demand that Ben Affleck have the film again as director, writer, and protagonist.

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Once fans learned that Ben Affleck would return as Batman, the betting began on how many movies they could confirm and rumors about his involvement in the future of the DCEU became more and more. The last one is expected in The Flash alongside Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, where he will appear as Bruce Wayne, as does Michael Keaton.

The new Andy Muschietti film would establish the concept of the multiverse in which several versions of Batman coexist, in different universes and that would show Ben Affleck as a young version and Michael Keaton in a more mature one, according to press reports specialized in celebrities.

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