Ben Affleck’s Career Faces Major Setback with This Failure

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Ben Affleck suffers one of the biggest failures of his career with this…

Ben Affleck, the talented actor, director, and producer, has had his fair share of ups and downs throughout his career. However, his latest film has been one of the biggest failures of his career, both commercially and critically.

The film in question is “Live by Night,” which Affleck directed, produced, wrote, and starred in. The movie, based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, tells the story of a Prohibition-era gangster who becomes involved in organized crime. While the premise seems intriguing, the execution fell short.

“Live by Night” was a major disappointment at the box office, only grossing $23.4 million worldwide against a $65 million budget. Furthermore, the film was a critical failure, receiving a 35% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and mixed reviews from audiences.

Many critics pointed out the film’s lack of focus and coherence, stating that it tried to do too much at once. The movie also suffered from a weak script and uneven pacing, leading to a lack of emotional investment from audiences.

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Affleck has openly acknowledged the failure of “Live by Night,” stating in an interview with Variety, “It happens. It’s just a movie. We had a much better time making it than selling it.”

Despite this setback, Affleck remains a talented and accomplished filmmaker, with several successful projects under his belt. He won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for “Good Will Hunting,” directed and starred in the critically acclaimed “Argo,” and portrayed Batman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League.”

Furthermore, Affleck is set to reprise his role as Batman in the upcoming film “The Flash,” which he will also co-write and serve as an executive producer. He has also recently completed filming on “The Last Duel,” a historical drama that he co-wrote with Matt Damon and directed.

In conclusion, while “Live by Night” may have been one of the biggest failures of Ben Affleck’s career, he remains a talented and respected figure in the entertainment industry. With several successful projects already behind him and more on the horizon, Affleck’s legacy as a filmmaker is secure.

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