What Is the Best Way to Find Someone’s Address Based on Their Phone Number?

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What Is the Best Way to Find Someone’s Address Based on Their Phone Number?

To discover someone’s address, you can apply several techniques. However, what if you don’t even know a name, and all you have at hand is a contact number? With a reverse number search, you can uncover an impressive amount of details, including a valid address.

Google can be a useful free resource to conduct phone number lookups. However, finding information on it is not always easy. You may need to go through dozens of search engine result pages with no guarantee of unearthing what you require.

When you want to learn someone’s address using a contact number, you need more reliable and convenient search tools that can quickly produce verified and up-to-date data you can rely on. Here’s what we recommend.


In under a decade, TruthFinder has carved a place for itself among the popular reverse search tools in the market, gaining over 60,000 five-star ratings from customers and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

This is also one of the most affordable platforms, with its reverse phone lookups costing only $4.99 per month. The subscription includes unlimited number searches to help you find addresses and more.

Its reports are displayed on an online dashboard linked to your TruthFinder account. However, with an additional $3.99 per month, you can download reports to check them offline and get alerts when the address or other information changes over time.

Instant Checkmate

This platform uses various public sources, including county databases and social media sites, to access accurate data.

Reverse number lookups are priced at $5.99 per month on Instant Checkmate, which allows you to conduct as many phone searches as you like.

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Similar to TruthFinder, you can download, save, print, or share your reports with an extra payment on this platform. However, this feature is offered at a one-time fee of $3.99.

The best part is, Instant Checkmate is available as an easy-to-navigate app for Android devices so you can use it anytime from anywhere on your mobile device.


Nuwber is one of the phone lookup tools to find an address using just a contact number. Some of the information on Nuwber, including addresses, can be accessed for free. However, if you need more results, such as someone’s criminal records, professional details, or you need to know local sex offenders’ names and where they live, a subscription is required.

A 1-week plan that includes unlimited background reports and unlimited lookups costs $15.99. 1-month and 1-year plans are also available, being $34.99 and $209.99 respectively.

The platform has details relating to 325 million US-based phone numbers, which it updates continuously with fresh data to ensure the relevance and accuracy of the information it provides.


For finding location histories using a reverse number search, Spokeo is an excellent solution you must check out.

The platform accesses thousands of information sources to organize over 12 billion people and business records, improving your chances of finding an accurate address based on a contact number.

You can purchase a report on Spokeo for $0.95. This includes a 7-day trial membership as well. A full membership is $29.95 per month, which you can cancel anytime.

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The site accepts payments via credit/debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Venmo. If you have questions about payments or search reports, a customer care team is available seven days a week.


Intelius can track down an impressive amount of location-related information for you, from a person’s current and prior addresses to any other locations associated with the relevant phone number, including those belonging to its previous owners.

This reverse phone lookup platform offers its number search services for $34.95 per month, which is relatively more expensive than the other tools we have listed in this article. However, this monthly subscription includes unlimited phone, people, and address searches. So, if you require much more than a location or want to run additional searches to verify an address, Intelius could be a worthwhile solution.

But if you don’t want to spend that much money or only need to conduct a one-off number search to find a particular address, the platform has a 5-day trial offer at $0.95.

Intelius also allows its subscribers to opt for downloadable reports to save and check later for a $3.99 one-time fee.


Founded in 1997, Whitepages has a long history in the reverse search business, making it one of the most experienced and reliable platforms available.

It caters to over 2 million searches each day using a database of 260 million contact numbers.

Searching for addresses based on a landline or business number is free on this platform. However, you will need to subscribe to a Whitepages Premium package to find information using a cell phone or private number.

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Its monthly plans start at $5.99, which covers 20 number lookups and the option to export and download the reports.

In addition, Whitepages offers a $1 trial membership for you to try out their search services. This includes five reverse number searches within five days from the time you make the payment.

US Search

This platform has been providing search services since 1993, building a reputation for accurate and reliable data.

From federal, state, and county databases to blogs, social media profiles, and other digital footprints, US Search relies on a variety of data sources to find people records. The information it has organized is available for a $19.86 monthly subscription.

US Search also has a 5-day trial for $1.99. During this period, you can conduct unlimited number searches on its platform and access detailed reports relating to phone numbers.

To Conclude

The tools we have discussed in this article can help uncover reliable address information for any US number you may want to search.

However, keep in mind that no platform can guarantee to find an address. It all depends on the information available on public domains. What they can promise you is a faster and more convenient option to unearth someone’s address by sifting through nearly every useful online resource out there so you can save time and retrieve verified and up-to-date information.

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