Best Website Builders in Canada for 2024

Raymond McKinnon

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There might be better ways to start a website than a free website builder. They have certain disadvantages, like a limited range of tools or showing ads on the website. 

However, they are an affordable option, and you can learn some of the basics of how to build a site. If you’re starting a business in Canada, you will likely share some of the qualms of most founders, like a limited budget, even more limited time, and practically no idea how to create a website

This listicle presents the best free website builders, which make setting up a website and growing an online presence a piece of cake. 


Wix is the top choice among free website builders for its ease of use, large number of features, and creative control over website design. The free plan comes with up to 500MB of bandwidth and storage.

You can customize the free domain, which is also an advantage. Builders like Site123 don’t have this option. 

With hundreds of templates on offer, Wix alleviates website design to a great extent. You won’t need to start from scratch. You have almost full control over the colors and elements on the pages.

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Wix also has an AI design system, which can create a site shell customized to your needs. It will do this after asking you questions about the website you want to have, including your sector and the name of your platform. 

Wix provides access to essential SEO tools. Keyword data is available directly through the dashboard thanks to an integration with Semrush. 

After building a basic site, you can set up a blog, build an online shop, and generally avail yourself of multiple additional features and apps.


Squarespace has just 110 templates, but they are all visually appealing as the website builder’s own designers developed them. This website builder is most suitable for creative sites and businesses. It will be enough to add text and images, but the customization features go well beyond those with the platform’s Fluid Engine drag-and-drop editor. 

Squarespace is a good choice for running a blog thanks to its user-friendly text editor and beautiful template designs. Its product updates improved its ranking in terms of ease of use. The platform has added questions to help users find the right template for their business.

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Squarespace is an equally feasible option for building an online store. Many of its templates were specifically designed for such operations, and it has a simple product management system that will let you track and manage inventory and prices. Among the inbuilt payment processors are PayPal, Apple Pay, and debit and credit cards. 


This third and final choice is perfect for anyone who wants to create a basic and clean website quickly. It is sufficiently user-friendly, mainly thanks to its AI function, which saves a lot of time by asking a few key questions and then building your website. 

There is nothing really special about its templates. GoDaddy is a good choice for blogs, small businesses, or any entity looking to build a simple site. 

It is not bare bones, as the builder has a few customization tools that let users lend their websites a personal touch. These include different options when it comes to fonts, themes, color schemes, and call-to-action buttons.

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Finally, GoDaddy is easy to set up and intuitive to work with. The settings feature an SEO option called “Get found by Google.” When you click on it, you can begin the process of optimizing your website for the mother of all search engines. What’s more, you can achieve basic SEO in just a few clicks. You don’t need any prior experience in this area to build an optimized website. 

One reason GoDaddy is the final choice is that there is certain room for improvement, more specifically, the unavailability of a mobile editor. You have no control over optimizing your site for mobile devices. The builder claims to optimize sites for mobile automatically. 

Mobile users have an option to preview pages. If you want to edit anything, you’ll have to go through desktop. Wix and other builders make editing possible on mobile. 

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