Better Call Saul Season 6: Why Lalo’s death was sealed in episode 3

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Better Call Saul Season 6: Why Lalo's death was sealed in episode 3

Better Call Saul is moving forward with season 6 on AMC. With this installment, the series that follows Saul Goodman will be putting an end to the story that fans first saw in the second season of Breaking Bad. The crime drama will return next Monday with a new episode, while Lalo Salamanca has a plan in mind to face Gustavo Fring. (Episode 3 spoilers)

The character played by Tony Dalton in Better Call Saul is one whose fate has fans of the prequel intrigued, as his fate remains uncertain. Lalo Salamanca was only mentioned in Breaking Bad, when Saul Goodman hinted with a phrase that he could still be alive at that moment in the timeline.

And it is that the poster man is likely to continue to live during the events of Breaking Bad, but with the arrival of the third episode of season 6 of Better Call Saul, some fans were convinced that Lalo Salamanca has his death sealed, after the most intense recent events.

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Recall that Better Call Saul season 6, in addition to showing the final part of Jimmy McGill’s transformation into Saul Goodman, is also focusing on Lalo Salamanca and his quest for revenge against Gustavo Fring from undercover, while making man believe who ordered his assassination, that he is dead.

The truth is that some fans of Better Call Saul believe that Lalo Salamanca will die in the sixth and final installment of the hit crime drama from the AMC broadcast network. He’ll probably be happy when he finds out that Nacho is dead, but he sure won’t be entirely happy because he didn’t get to pull the trigger himself.

Better Call Saull fans who watched season 6 episode 3 aired last Monday remember Nacho asking Mike to keep his father safe if he died. Mike himself promised that whoever tried to harm him would have to deal with him first. That is why a Lalo Salamanca dissatisfied with the way Nacho died, could approach the latter’s father, but will end up meeting death.

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“I can see more or less where this is going. Lalo will find out that Nacho is dead, he will go after his father and Mike will have to be the one to protect him.”

“Lalo def is going to go for Nachos dad and Mike is going to finish him off,” said another.

“Very good point because right now Mike looks like a piece of…” someone wrote in another Reddit thread. “He needs some kind of redemption for what he happened to Nacho.”

“Maybe [vaya a por el padre de Nacho]. Or you’ll want to go straight for the big shot, Gus,” read one comment.

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