Beyoncé plans surprise performances to promote her new album

Itziar Morte

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Singer Beyoncé hasn’t opened her mouth yet about her plans to return to the recording scene in style. It is a dynamic from which he has clearly benefited in the past, by making the most of the surprise factor with the unexpected release of two of his most acclaimed albums to date, ‘Beyoncé’ (2013) and ‘Lemonade’ (2016).

As revealed by sources around her to the newspaper The Sun, the pop diva par excellence of the XXI century will follow the same line of her previous works and will publish a new album without prior notice, which will undoubtedly generate great expectation given the six years that have passed since her last feature. But that’s not all, the same informants assure that the interpreter will offer a series of performances in small rooms, as well as other promotional meetings, informing with very little time in advance to her unconditional ones.

“Their people are looking for small capacity auditoriums so they can perform when their new songs come out. Once the album is released, Beyoncé will focus on the preparations for a new world tour, of which more details are not yet known,” explained a confidant.

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Apparently, Beyoncé’s seventh studio album would have been written, in large part at least, during the months of confinement derived from the coronavirus pandemic. Another sign that its premiere could be very close has been given by its own label, Sony, which recently deleted several images of the star on its social networks waiting, supposedly, to be able to make an announcement itself.

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