Biden outpacing Trump, Obama with diverse judicial nominees

President Biden is outpacing both President Trump and President Obama in terms of the diversity of his judicial nominees. So far, Biden has nominated 33 people of color to the federal judiciary, including 13 Black nominees. In contrast, Trump nominated 12 people of color to the federal judiciary during his entire presidency, and Obama nominated 23 during his entire term. This is a significant shift in the makeup of the federal judiciary, which has been historically white and male-dominated.

The increased diversity of Biden’s judicial nominees is in line with his commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive government. During his campaign, Biden pledged to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court, and he has already nominated two Black women to the federal judiciary. This shift towards a more diverse judiciary is significant, as it represents a change in the makeup of those who are deciding on the laws of the land.

With 13 Black nominees, Biden has also set a record for the most Black nominees to the federal judiciary in a single presidential administration. This is a significant achievement, as it represents a change in the way that the judiciary looks. Black Americans have long been underrepresented in the federal judiciary, and this shift towards a more diverse judiciary is a step in the right direction. judicial system.

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