Big Brother 2022 Winner: The Wait is Over

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Big Brother 2022 Winner

If you are ready to get to know about some spoilers, read on! 

Finally, the 24th season of the superhit show ‘Big Brother’ has come to an end. This season was truly full of drama and entertainment. If you also are one of the millions of people who were hooked to the screen throughout the whole season of Big Brother this year, you are at the right spot. But as we mentioned earlier, be ready to hear some spoilers. 

Who won Big Brother 2022?

We confess that the winner of Big Brother 2023 will be a person who has a strong social and strategic game. We also foresee that this winner also has a special ability to make people want to vote for her. When you take all these things into account, we already predicted that the winner of Big Brother 2022 will be Taylor Hale. 

The current Big Brother season brought us a new Houseguest, a new twist for the competition, and so many other surprises. We have watched as Cody became the first player to be evicted in Big Brother history, as well as countless other jaw-dropping moments. The Season 24 finale left viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering who would win and what the point of it all was. There were quite a few twists introduced this season that have shaken up watching the show forever.

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The second half of the game began with players being able to purchase permanent spots in the game outside of nomination. This became known as Long Term Nomination, or LTN for short. Additionally, players could no longer call out fellow Houseguests for lying about nominations, which further impacted strategy during competitions and left us questioning whether changes would be made for future seasons. As if all that wasn’t enough already…

Hale was got into Finale by Leftovers coalition fellow Monte Taylor, banishing the other finalist Matthew Turner. In an outstanding competition, the jury voted 8-1 in favor of Hale, bringing her the conqueror of $750,000. America also chose her as their Favorite Houseguest of the season and awarded her an additional $50,000. This was also history-making as it was the first time the winner of the grand prize coincided with America’s favorite player.

The prize of 750,000 dollars is one thing. Taylor also got yearned for the role of America’s favorite houseguest. That is what we call a cherry on the cake because it made her win another amount of 50,000 dollars. She is considered a fan’s favorite pick for winning this title. 

Who Were the Runners-Up? Surprising Answer! 

Apart from Hale, the other two runners-up, Micheal Bruner and Kyle Capener were the contestants who received the most votes from their beloved fans. One thing that may surprise everyone is that Kyle was evicted before because of racist behavior which could have been the reason for her loss. However, it is surprising that she still stands on one list of runners-up. This should be considered as a plus point that even after an eviction, she is one of the top-voted runners-up. 

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Taylor Hale Had Already Won Hearts

This season, thousands of people tuned into the show, and hundreds of them voted to select the winner. These are people that have a desire to see this happen, and that means that Taylor Hale already had the opportunity to get a lot of eyes waiting for her to win. 

Being someone who has already sat on the eviction seat around 6 times, it can be said that she truly is someone who does not know how to give up. She believes every woman has got to do the same thing, that is, not give up even after falling apart again and again that too for six times in a show. Unbelievable! 

“I am not a shield, I am a sword. I am not a victim. I am a victor. And if there is one word that is going to describe the entire season, it is resiliency. And if you are to ask yourself who the most resilient person of this season has been, it is me” says Hale proudly. 

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About: Taylor Hale 

She became the first-ever black woman to win the Big Brother Competition. This day truly signifies an extraordinary day for her and the community also. Apart from being an inspiring winner of Big Brother, she is a personal stylist by profession. This is not a surprising thing because of the glorious beauty that she serves on her Instagram page. 

She does not stop here, she was also in the top 15 contestants of the first ever beauty pageant of her life, Miss District of Columbia USA in the year 2017. In an interview for Big Brother, she stated herself as an optimistic person. Being such a talented person, this explains why she got the champion tag of Big Brother. With all that talent, skills, and a huge fan following, we believe that there would not be any other contestant more deserving than Taylor Hale.  

Final words

We hope that you were able to bring light to what you wanted to read about in this article. With all the chaos and excitement among the regular watchers of this show, it was truly a wonderful journey. All we can do now is wait for another season of Big Brother. Till then, stay tuned for any further updates. 

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