Big Mouth season 5 Cast: Who’s in the new season?

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Big Mouth Season 5: The very famous Hormone monsters are finally back for another go-around season. Since the year 2017, the blue comedy has kept all the Netflix subscribers hinged to their screens with their fantastic and relatable depiction of puberty. Now the series is also returning in November with a new in-universe addition to boot.

Here’s everything we know about Big Mouth Season 5 from the release date to show the very future of the Big Mouth Cinematic Universe.


Big Mouth season 5 is also coming out on November 5, 2021. The announcement of the series was made in September at Netflix’s first-ever TUDUM event. This not only matches the fall/winter release dates of the other seasons but is applicable thematically that has given the idea of “No Nut November” some pen partake in.

Like every other TV show or movie in the previous year, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a question of whether things would be delayed. Now it appears Big mouth had no issues in keeping the machine humming g. During an online table read in March 2020, the series creator Nick Kroll also said the team was already working hard on Season 5.

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Big Mouth writer’s room has been at full throttle,” he said to the rest of the cast and crew. “I’ve seen you over Zoom every day for the past two weeks.”


Yes, fortunately, we have a trailer that was released on October 15th 2021. You can also watch it below which also includes a teaser for what appears to be an upcoming Christmas special that also uses puppets and a non-stop motion with animation style.


According to the reports which we got the series season 5 will come up with a total of 10 episodes just like the previous season 4.

The numbers one through 10, for the season’s 10 episodes, were written on a whiteboard, and under the numbers were plot points on colored index cards.


Each season of Big Mouth drills portrays different specific emotions. Season 2 also dealt with shame while season 4 introduced Tito the Anxiety Mosquito along with the Gratititoad. As the trailer mentioned above indicates, the theme of season 5 is “Love and Hate”. The show also introduces representatives of those concepts in the form of hate worms and love bugs literal bugs that can shift between the two forms.

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Nick also gets a lovebug who also purchases him to pursue his feelings for Jessi. Now when she rejects him all of his love turns to hate and his new hate worm leads him down a darkly dangerous path. Now Jessi dealing with her own lovebug issues, wondering if her feelings towards Ali go beyond just being friends. The two co-opt Missy’s new affinity group is also sending her own hate worm infused spiral.


You can expect all the standby arts of Big Mouth to return that will include John Mulaney, Jessi Klein, Nick Kroll Jason Mantzoukas, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Jordan Peele, Andrew Rannells, Richard Kind, and more. In addition to that, we are expecting Ayo Edebiri to return back as Missy after taking over the role in the final two episodes of season 4.

There are three new episodes of the series for Big Mouth Season 5: Brandon Kyle Goodman, Pamela Adlon and Keke Palmer. Goodman and Palmer are also regular cast members on the Big Mouth spinoff of Human Resources. The prolific voice actress Adlon guests on that series as well.

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Big Mouth season 5 arrives on November 5, 2021, on Netflix. Make sure you watch it and do share your reviews about the series.

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