Billie Eilish hates locking herself in the recording studio: ‘It smells like a weed’

David Galvan

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Billie Eilish

Despite having conceived there her two successful albums, ‘Happier Than Ever’ and her debut ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’, singer Billie Eilish does not like having to lock herself in a recording studio for several weeks to shape her original creations.

The 20-year-old artist has assured, jokingly but without deviating from the veracity of her story, that the studios in which she has worked smell closed due to the poor ventilation that characterizes them, if not marijuana. He also doesn’t particularly enjoy having to cross paths with other artists with whom he shares space, as this raises his anxiety levels.

“I’ve never liked the atmosphere in the studios. There are no windows and it smells like grass. Also, you always cross paths with other artists and I look silly. In the end I always end up being embarrassed because I have the impression that I look stupid. I don’t know, the studies make me nervous, they really give me social anxiety, “he revealed on his way to the Apple Music 1 station.

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As for her record future, Billie has made it clear that she prefers to work with very few producers, unlike other pop artists who recruit a whole army of songwriters and musicians. Of course, the young woman has also branded as “heavy” her brother Finneas O’Connell, her great collaborator and responsible in part for her sound, but simply because this is a “workaholic”. It does not seem, therefore, that a musical divorce between the two brothers is coming.

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