Billie Eilish: Is She Dating This ‘SECRET’ Guy?

Farwa Raza

Published on:

Billie Eilish was spotted cuddling with a man in Santa Barbara. Is that your new boyfriend?

Billie Eilish: Romantic images surfaced.

Billie Eilish wears casual clothes as usual: black cycling trousers, a black hoodie, and cool sneakers. Her new blonde hair shimmers from under her hood. She keeps her dog Shark on a leash. So far, so used. But next to her is a young man in jeans and a green sweatshirt, Matthew Tyler Vorce. In a photo, you can see Billie resting her head on his shoulder while they stand arm in arm next to each other. You look very familiar and intimate. How sweet! You can find the cute pictures under the link provided here. There is still no official confirmation of the relationship, but maybe something is going on between Billie and Matthew.?

Billie Eilish: who is the man?

Billie Eilish’s potential new boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce is a full-time actor. He also moderates the podcast “Searching for Putty Man”. He recently set his Instagram account (@corduroygraham) private. Most likely because of the rumors about her relationship with Billie Eilish. Therefore we cannot learn much about him privately. But: Billie’s mother and her brother Finneas follow Matthew on Instagram. Since Billie Eilish likes to keep her private life a secret, it will be some time before we get an official statement about the two of them. Whether dating or just good friends: Let’s hope he’s not a “bad guy”!

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