Birds of Paradise Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis, and More

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Birds of Paradise: Every now and then there is always an Amazon release that is missing from the full list of releases. Birds Of Paradise is one of those releases this month. It is almost time for the ballet drama movie. For all the reasons, Birds Of Paradise was missing from the September releases. It is not clear why, but the movie is heading our way at the end of the month.

It has a great cast with a promising twist in the storyline. Here’s everything you need to know about Birds of Paradise on Amazon Prime Video.

Birds of Paradise release date

The official release for Birds of Paradise is set for Friday, September 24. For all the fans who are keeping a track of other Amazon Orignal releases. That is the same date as Goliath Season 4. With this being a movie, it is not going to take too much time for your viewing of Goliath’s final season.

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Birds of Paradise release date, cast, trailer, synopsis, and more

Birds of Paradise cast

Diana Silvers will play the role of Kate Sanders and Kristine Froseth is Marine Durand. The listings for the movie have been also relatively quiet so the only cast members we know of right now are:

  • Jacqueline Bisset
  • Stav Strashko

Birds of Paradise trailer

You can have a look at the official trailer for the movie mentioned below. It will surely give certain hints on what to expect from the series here.

Birds of Paradise synopsis

The movie follows the story of Kate Sanders, who is an ambitious and talented aspiring Ballerina. Due to her low active income status, she manages to get a scholarship at a prestigious ballet school. Now as the school is very reputable, we all know the rich kids will think of her because of that.

Now, Kate is thrown into the cutthroat world of the renowned institution and the style of dance she loves. She was also tested physically and mentally both by her teachers and by her fellow dancer Marine Durango. Now Kate and Marine initially find themselves against each other. However, they also realize that there may be power in a partnership. Is trust overrated when it comes to a contract to join Opera National De Paris?

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