Blac Chyna Opens Up About Her Children’s Response To Her Breast Reduction Surgery.

Jonny Hector

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Blac Chyna, also known as Angela White, has recently opened up about her plastic surgery reduction and how her children responded to her physical changes. The model and TV personality gained considerable attention for undergoing a breast reduction and removing silicone injections from her buttocks. However, according to White, her kids weren’t too concerned with the procedures, with her son King Cairo, 10, and daughter Dream Kardashian, 6, simply shrugging their shoulders and saying “Ok.”

Speaking on “Sway In The Morning,” White revealed that when she returned from her surgery, her children questioned why she was lying in a certain way. She explained to them that she had undergone surgery to reduce her breasts and butt. Dream was more concerned with her mother’s nails, which were shorter than usual, as she had previously looked up to her for having long nails. White said that it showed her daughter that “you don’t have to have long nails.”

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White’s openness about her surgery and her children’s reaction is a refreshing change from the usual secrecy surrounding plastic surgery. While many celebrities choose to hide their procedures, White’s honesty and her children’s acceptance of her transformation can help to normalize plastic surgery and reduce the stigma surrounding it.

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