‘Black Bullet’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

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Burakku Baratto, also known as Black Bullet, is a post-apocalyptic action anime television series that is based on the light novel series from the same name. Fans have been quite obsessed with the series for the longest time. The series is written and illustrated by Siden Kanzaki and Saki Ukai. It was published in 2011 on July 10. After its release, it was so much loved that it immediately adapted into a manga series. This manga series was published for the first time on August 27, 2012.

After some years, the manga adaptation, Black Bullet was made into an anime television series. Fans got very happy to see season 1 in 2014. However, after that, there was no new installment on the screen. It’s almost more than seven years since the first season of the show came in, and we have no piece of information for the second season yet. Some loyal fans have not lost their hope, and they still expect that their favorite manga and the light novel will come with another new season.

If you are also one of the most loyal fans of Black Bullet, then we have collected all the information we know about the series. Here’s everything you need to know about Black Bullet Season 2.

Has Black Bullet Been Renewed For Season 2?

After six years, we finally got some words from Citrus Studios that Black Bullet season 2 is coming. It was also said that it would be released by 2020. But as you can see, 2020 is gone, and we still have not received the second installment of the show. Additionally, there has been no word from the makers of Black Bullet. Finally, all we can say is that Black Bullet has joined the long list of anime series that have been delayed by the pandemic. We are still hopeful of getting the second installment of the show.

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What Is The Plotline of Black Bullet?

The anime series Black Bullet is one crazy story that is actually set in the near future. A series where a fatal and disastrous virus of Gastrea has attacked humankind. Now due to this, most of the people have no other option than to hide behind the monolith walls. The only hindrance or we can say barrier against Gastrea, is made of Varanium.

Unfortunately, it is guarded by the walls, and people fail to escape the epidemic. Now the children born with a genome of the Gasteria virus grow up with some supernatural abilities. This is the reason why they are called cursed children. One weird phenomenon is that it’s only the female children that are infected by the virus. After this government decides to team up the cursed children nicknamed initiators with the regular ones, they are the ones who are nicknamed Promoters who must follow them.

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The pairs formed are called Civil Securities who are actually capable of resisting Gastra. The story also portrays the adventures of Enju Aihara, an initiator, and Satomi Rentaro, who is a promoter. They are all on a mission to save their hometown Tokyo as well as the entire world from the virus Gastrea.

Expected Plot of Black Bullet season 2

The story of Black Bullet will be quite relatable from the novel as well as of our own situation amidst the pandemic. The anime series is set up in future events where mankind is invaded by a dreadful virus of Gastrea, the parasitic virus. One of the main themes of the story is to protect Tokyo from the deadly virus. Season 2 is expected to continue the story. Rentaro is expected to play a key role in the show. Fans have assumed that COVID-19 could lead the story further. There are some fans who hope to see where Rantaro is fighting and planning to escape from the prison. He will be imprisoned for a false murder charge over there. There are enemies who keep getting in his way.

Expected Cast Members For Black Bullet Season 2

There are many characters in the show who actually play significant roles in the show. Here are some ways through the story is incomplete:


Rentaro is the main lead and is expected to do the same in the upcoming season. He is a promoter of civil services, and his motive is to save Tokyo from the pernicious virus. In fact, he helps the cursed children too. His character is very courageous and daring at the same time, and he is caring and smart. The quality of his has made the fans eager for season 2 as well.

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Tina is a member of civil security and is also attracted towards Rentaro and always tries to get his attention. We will also see a cold war happening between Tina and Enju. Both of them will add a big sugar element to the story of Black Bullet season 2.

Enju Aihara

Enju Aihara is a cursed child in the story and is helped by Rentaro. They became an initiator in civil services. After some time, Enju will be seen getting fascinated by him. So, it would be fascinating to see them in season 2.

Kisara Tendo

Kisara is the president of Tendo civil security. She is also an expert in martial art, along with a friend of Rentaro.

So, in the end, all we can say is this was all about the second installment of Black Bullet. We assure you that as soon as we get more information, we will let you know for sure and will also update our article. For more articles like this, stay tuned to our website and get all the updates right here.

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