Black Clover 290 release date, spoilers, and where to read

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  • Black Clover 290 release date, spoilers, and where to read
  • Black Clover fans can read the manga from official sources and can wait for chapter 290 for next Sunday.

Black Clover continues with a new manga chapter titled “Freezing Sun”. After unleashing his Demon Destroyer, Asta managed to cut Lilith and Naamh in half; but the two supreme demons smile as he continues to cut them.

Lilith and Niamh comment that it is a shame that Asta cuts Niamh first. Lilith took Naamh’s head and commented that they could play this game together. Asta wonders what the Supreme Devil is trying to do. Nacht realizes that the worst is about to happen.

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Previously in Black Clover, Asta realizes that he can keep up with Devil Union Mode for five minutes, and now he has four minutes left. He decided to end it all before time beat him. He told Liebe that they are in a four-minute battle and that he will quickly destroy Niamh and Lilith.

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Liebe is happy to face the guys he spent centuries within the underworld. But I didn’t expect things to turn out like this. Fans are predicting that Asta will get more help in Black Clover chapter 290 so that he will be able to tap into the rest of his Devil Union.

The Truth News reminds you that at the end of chapter 289, Lilith merges with Niamh. They have become a new Supreme Demon who has two eyes on his forehead. The devil comments that Asta is his prey and that he will soon be screened. Nacht realizes that the new enemy of the shonen series possesses twice as much power as before.

Release date and where to read Black Clover 290.

Black Clover 290 will be released on Sunday, April 18, 2021, officially on Viz Media. Here we will learn more about how Asta has used his Demon Destroyer to cut down Lilith and Niamh. You can read the last chapters (free and legal) in MANGA Plus from Shueisha publishing house.

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