Black Clover Season 5: Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

Iksha Tiwari

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Black Clover Season 5: Black Cover is one of the most popular anime series, since it was aired in 2017. And over the last four years, there are upto 170 episodes of the series. All of the episodes are adapted from the Manga series of the same name.

Black Cover Anime Series 

The series follows Asta a child who is born into the world of magic and he has no ability to perform any magic. As the series moves on, we also learn more about his past the secret power which lies inside him.

Due to its fast start, Black Clover has now slowed down a little bit. And since then the pandemic begun, it got delayed even more. In fact pandemic has inflicted many anime studios. This has created a huge speculation in the minds of fans that when will we see fifth season of Black Clover series.

Black Cover Release Date 

But we have got some sad news from the sources for the Black Clover fans. Right how there is no release date for the fifth season yet. With this cliffhanger like situation to its fourth season and fan anticipation there is certainly not enough justification to make a new season. However right now there is no clear timeline for when that could be.

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It is not all grim for all the Black Clovers fans because the studio behind the show that is Pierrot have revealed; that a movie based on the series will be coming soon in the future. Similarly there is no date for this but we can expect it to launch sometime in the upcoming year that is 2022. With that said, if the series comes back it will take place after the above mentioned film.

Plenty of Time To Catch Up Until The New Season Arrives

If we talk of the series, taking a long break is not the worst thing for Black Clover anime. The show is quickly catching up to the unfolding of the new story in the Manga. Before the season five arrives, there will be plenty of new Manga material ready to be adapted for the screen.

For the news fans of Black Clover series, it is a good thing because there is plenty of time to catch up with the show of the current four seasons. For the other anime fans, who are up to date, the best option so far is to read ahead. And find out or speculation what can we expect from from the Black Clover manga season 5 series. We will surely update you if there’s something new about the release date of the series or any other thing.

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