Black Superman: Here’s Everything We Know About The New DC Venture

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Warner continues in his search for the black actor who would play Superman in his next film, published “The Hollywood Reporter.”

After speculation that the next actor to play “Superman” in the next “reboot” of the superhero, they assure that Warner continues with its search plans and the project continues.

“The Hollywood Reporter” reported that it is already a fact that the Warner Bros. company will make the new version of “Superman” and wants an African-American actor as the main character.

It was detailed that the project will be produced by JJ Abrams and, although it is not an easy task to reboot to give a completely different spin to the iconic character, it is intended that his return will be accompanied by a significant social message.

The American media stressed that both Warner and DC are committed to making a black actor the next protagonist of the Superhero with the red cape and if it materializes, it would be a momentous event in the character’s history.

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With this, Warner would capitalize on an era in which much of humanity has come together against racism and discrimination, and in which large and important movements have emerged that fight for the rights of people of color such as “Black Lives Matter ”.

More details about the movie.

The news portal revealed that although JJ Abrams will be the producer of the new “Superman” movie, he will not be the one to direct it, so the company would also be looking for a black director.

Among the names that stand out are Steven Caple Jr. (Creed 2), Shaka King (LaZercism), JD Dillard (screenwriter for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker), and Regina King (One Night in Miami).

Although it has not been revealed who would be the actor who plays the iron man, weeks ago it was rumored that Michael B. Jordan would be the star of this new era of “Superman”, but the idea that the leading man is an actor is not ruled out either unknown or that his career in Hollywood is short.

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It will be out of the DC Universe.

In the article, it was mentioned that the “reboot” of “Superman” would be outside the DC Extended Universe, since it will be completely removed from the vision of Zack Snyder, like “The Batman”, starring Robert Pattinson.

JJ Abrams stated last February that there is a new, more powerful, and moving story to tell about “Superman.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with Coates to bring it to the big screen. We are grateful to the Warner Bros. team for the opportunity, “he said.

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