Blockbuster Release Date Updates, Cast, Plot, and More

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So, it looks like we will be seeing a new comedy series that is named Called Blockbuster on Netflix in the near future and we cant wait to see it. Unfortunately, there is not very much known about this television series because the series is still in the development stage. Still, we have gathered something and we are going to share everything we know about this upcoming comedy series.

Now, if you are wondering whether the Netflix original series is around a Blockbuster store and we are here to tell you what the series actually does. We all know that 90’s kids know how important Blockbuster was to them during their childhood time. In fact, as a kid you might have even dreamt of that one day your parents will take you to a big Blockbuster store and will allow you to pick up whatever movie or video game you want.

So, whenever we think of Blockbuster stores and rent almost any movie or video game we could think of it. Now, of course, the atmosphere especially inside the store that played a huge part in the experience of the series as well. Everything was so happy all the time and to be honest, Blockbuster truly brings back a sense of nostalgia for everyone.

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The good news is that Netflix ordering the comedy series Blockbuster, we will get to see that blue movie ticket stub, ripped on one side logo once again. Now read on to find out the upcoming comedy series release dates, cast, synopsis and more.

Blockbuster Release date 

The official release date for the series has not been announced by Netflix as of now. Also as we know that the series is still in the development phase, we don’t expect the trainer to release it anytime soon. But as per our calculations, there is a good chance that we could see this TV show on Netflix sometime in 2022. For now, we can just wait for an announcement from Netflix and as soon as we get one we will surely update it here.

Blockbuster cast

Again as the series is still in the development phase the full cast list has not been released yet. However, we can expect to see many new characters, cast members as announced by the shoemakers when the show further enters into the production process. The only cast members which we do know are involved in the series is Wandavision’s, Randall Park. According to the reports from our source portal, Randall is expected to be seen playing the lead role of Timmy. We also got to know that Vanessa Ramos will be the writer of the series.

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In addition to that, we also got to know that there will be a total of five leads on the show. We are not sure who all will be playing these 5 lead roles but we will surely update you once we are aware of this and when the makers announce a final list of the cast members.

Blockbuster synopsis

Unfortunately, we do not have any synopsis for the Blockbuster series as of now because Netflix has not released it from its side. But as per our understanding, we can give you an idea about what this comedy series will bring up to its audience. So, the series Blockbuster will follow the video store workers as they will keep struggling to keep the business from closing. All these workers are actually the employees who were in the last remaining Blockbuster stores in America. Now they must find a way to keep the stores open and afloat. We can expect to see a lot of drama unfolding in the series but remember as this series is a comedy one we are sure there will lot of things to laugh our heads out. With Randall Park cast in the show, we definitely know Blockbuster will be funny! We’re just ready to see who else will join the cast.

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Blockbuster episode count

The Blockbuster series will consist of 10 episodes in total. Each episode will have a runtime of 30 minutes full of entertainment.

When is Blockbuster filming?

The production of the series will begin in January 2022 but only things remain on schedule. We could definitely see that this comedy series will release sometime in 20222. Now as more details come out about the filming schedule we will surely update it with you.

Stay tuned to our website as we will keep on updating everything about the series as soon as we get them. Do share your expectations from the Blockbuster original series of Netflix in the comments section below.

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