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Flenory brothers are all set to raid your screens again with the second season of BMF. Season 1 of this popular American crime drama saw two brothers, Demetrius Flenory Jr., aka Meech and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, rise from the ashes and bring a giant drug business to life. Season 2 of BMF takes them all the way to Atlanta.

Tracing the path of loyalty, family, and brotherhood, the first season of this crime series became a big hit among the audience. Hence, expectations are skyrocketing this time. If you are also waiting for the next season of this TV series, here is everything you need to know about BMF Season 2.

What will Happen Next?

Season 1 finale saw the Flenory brothers battle with the system to keep their drug business running. In Season 2, you will see that they have moved their operations to Atlanta. The blurred boundaries will take them to Lansing, Ohio, and far south of Detroit.

Apart from a million problems that are likely to crop up in their path, a revelation about a crew member will shake them to the core. Yet they will continue marking their territory.

Furthermore, season two will see Meech and Terry taking their separate paths to follow their pursuits after their big fallout. On one hand where Meech wants to take their business beyond Detroit, Terry wants to launch a legitimate car-ride service. This difference will tear apart the camaraderie that the audience witnessed in the previous season.  Now, this is some real drama.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Russell Hornsby, who plays Charles Flenory, was quoted saying that season 2 of the show will also cast light on the changing relationship dynamics between Charles and Lucille.

However, as the season progresses, the audience will get to see the brother reunite and conquer the world again. This time becoming stronger and wiser than ever. You will see them taking their business to an altogether different level.

Flenory Jr quoted in an interview with POPSUGAR that Season 2 of BMF is going to be power-packed just like its predecessor. Additionally, he said that his character Big Meech is becoming bigger, wealthier, and wiser.

Furthermore, you will also see the Flenory brothers shake hands with Goldie, a sophisticated strip club owner from Atlanta in season 2. She will help Meech fortify his future.

The Cast of BMF Season 2

BMF would not be possible without the lead cast. The returning cast includes Demetrius Flenory Jr. as Demetrius “Meech” Flenory, Da’Vinchi as Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, Russell Hornsby as Charles Flenory, Michole Briana White as Lucille Flenory, Myles Truitt as B-Mickie, Wood Harris as Pat, Steve Harris as Detective Bryant, Kash Doll as Monique, Snoop Dogg as Pastor Swift, and Serayah as Lori Walker.  La La Anthony, who played Markaisha Taylor, a recurring role, will now be a regular.

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The actors who have joined forces with the Flenory family for season 2 include Leslie Jones, who will reprise the role of Federal Agent Tracy Chambers and Mo’Nique as Goldie.

Talking about Mo’Nique, 50 Cent, the creator and executive producer of the series said Goldie was supposed to join the series in May. Goldie is street-smart and helps the Flenory brothers migrate from Detroit to Atlanta. Being the Atlanta strip club owner, this is into her might. Furthermore, he added that Goldie is fierce and go great lengths to protect her dancers and everyone who is a part of her life.

Furthermore, Christine Horn will essay the role of Mabel Jones, a close confidant and neighbor of the Flenory family. As the series proceeds, the family unearths more about Mabel. Kelly Hu will reprise the role of Detective Veronica Jin. The daughter of a Chinese immigrant couple, she is the only Asian American female detective in the 80s. She is smart and tough.

Caresha Brownlee, also known as Yung Miami, will do a cameo appearance as Deanna Washington. You will also see Jalen Rose as himself in a cameo.

The BMF Documentary

As we all know, this crime series is based on the real events that took place in the lives of two brothers from southwest Detroit and how they became the most influential crime family in America, Starz wants to give its audience a closer look into this true story. The channel is set to release a documentary- “The BMF Documentary: Blowing Money Fast” that walks you through the events that took place in the late 1980s. You will hear anecdotes from former members of the family, associates, insiders, and celebrities who were once close to the Flenory family. The documentary will be an eight-part series that will hit the screens in October next year.

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You can watch the official trailer of the documentary here.

When will BMF Season 2 Premiere?

We know it is difficult to wait for this mind-blowing drug crime series. Fortunately, the wait is finally over. BMF Season 2 will premiere in January 2023 across all Starz platforms.

What to Expect from BMF Season 2?

BMF Season 2 will take the legacy of the Flenory brothers forward. You can expect it to be more intense, dramatic, and fun. It will give you many goosebump-inducing moments along with a generous dose of emotional family drama.

The emotional sequences entailing the estranged brothers to their great adventurous escape from Detroit, every element of the show will push you to the edge of your seat. So, get ready to welcome the great drug mafias into your homes in the coming January.

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