Bobby Bones Explains His ‘No Phone’ Policy at His Wedding to Caitlin Parker

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A gorgeous backyard wedding took place on July 17th, when Bobby Bones and Caitlin Parker began a relationship. Bobby told HL about the lovely nuptials and how they made sure they were there the entire time.

When Bobby Bones and Caitlin Parker got married on July 17th, they instituted a ‘No Phone’ rule, which the radio presenter believes made all the difference. “We’d read that taking pictures the entire time would make the night go by quickly. While Bobby was on the Hollywood Life Podcast to discuss his ongoing connection with DogChow for Service Dog Awareness Month, he said that the two of them had agreed that they didn’t want to do that. As a result, we established a check-in location near her garage, where attendees checked their phones. Because of the no-phone restriction, I didn’t forget anything about the wedding. “It was truly beautiful,” I exclaimed.

While Bobby was in charge of securing the musical guests, he acknowledged that Caitlin handled “everything else.” Because the wedding happened as a complete surprise to me once I arrived, I’m not going to claim any credit for organizing it. “She gathered a lot of inspiration from wedding boards on Pinterest and worked closely with the wedding planner,” he explained. The former DWTS contestant revealed that as part of his wedding day preparations, he arranged for special performances by Dan + Shay, Ronnie Dunn, and Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts. “There were no phones, so everyone was able to just be in the moment and experience it,” Bobby ended.

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It’s been four years since DogChow and Bobby teamed together to promote their new documentary short film about service dogs’ life-changing benefits to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as part of the brand’s Service Dog Salute campaign (PTSD). The film, titled “Even Heroes Need Heroes,” follows three veterans on their individual paths of rehabilitation and hope in conjunction with a service dog for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

There was a time when I learned that it costs $20,000 to train and rehabilitate a service dog for a soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and you’d think that we’d have that kind of money available for returning veterans.  Last year, Bobby and DogChow pushed to pass the PAWS Act, which requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to develop a grant program for the purpose of connecting service dogs with qualified veterans. The next step is to secure the necessary funding.

“I want people to see this documentary. We can only hope that it has an impact. After they see the film, I hope they’ll be able to help,” Bobby explained. Veterans and PTSD service dog teams including Shannon and Pepper, Tishawna and Archie, and Andy and Thanos are featured in a new documentary that can be seen at They learn how to deal with concerns like night terrors, emotional detachment, and hypervigilance that arise after serving their country. This is what our source covers and we presented for you and stay with us for further updates and make a schedule to visit us daily to know your favorite information with us.

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