Brave Girls ’After We Ride’: Release Date And Everything We Know

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One of the most influential media channels that are able to make or destroy a person use to be social media. The majority’s voice is powerful, from canceling culture to second chances. People first witnessed it with EXID, who happened to be on the verge of disbanding at the time of Hani’s fancam left viral and brought them back. It also was the beginning of the fancam culture of the music industry. The most recent example is Brave Girls, who’s 2017 song “Rollin” became popular after being included in YouTube compilations. Brave Girls returned over four years after their chart reversal in February 2021 with their new EP “Summer Queen.”

Brave Girls are enticing fans with their sass and beauty, and they’ll be back with a new album shortly. On August 23, a repackage of the album ‘Summer Queen’ titled after ‘We Ride’ will be released. The four ladies will return barely two months after their last release on June 17th and will follow up with their blockbuster hit single “We Ride” in August 2020.

The lyrics of “After “We Ride” reflect the difficulties of a relationship as well as the conflicting feelings that follow a breakup. The song is a follow-up to the group’s well-received 2020 single, “We Ride.” Instead of returning to its City pop roots, this comeback sounds more like pure synth-pop with a rock-driven tune. The members’ vocals float over the soothing melody, adding to the song’s cruising vibe.

Still riding high on their success, the album debuted at #3 on Gaon and went on to sell over 75k copies, making it their best-selling album. The album’s main song, “Chi Mat Ba Ram,” debuted at #3 on Gaon and #2 on Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100 Chart. They also won three music competitions. Since then, only two months have gone by. On August 20, the K-pop trio will release a disturbing video preview for their next track, “After We Ride.” The lead track, “After We Ride,” marks the group’s second return this year and is taken from their upcoming “repackaged” mini-album (also titled “After We Ride”), which will be released on August 23.

Brave Girls ’After We Ride’ Release Date

Nme has revealed that Brave Girls’ ‘After We Ride’ will be released on August 23 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).

Brave Girls ’After We Ride’ – How To Stream?

The album will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, MelOn, and other major music streaming services.

Brave Girls ’After We Ride’ – Schedule

On August 23, at 7 p.m. KST (6 a.m. ET), Naver Now will broadcast a comeback show. The girls will not take part in any of the music competitions.

Brave Girls ’After We Ride’ – Tracklist

  1. ‘After We Ride’ – Title track
  2. ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram (Acoustic Version)
  3. ‘Fever’ (Remix)
  4. ‘Summer By Myself’ (Piano Version)

Four tracks will be featured in the next re-release, including a piano version of ‘Summer By Myself,’ which was included on the ‘Summer Queen’ album. Acoustic versions of Brave Girls’ recent hit “Chi Mat Ba Ram” and a remix of “Fever” will also be included on the “After We Ride” mini-album.

Brave Girls ’After We Ride’ – Concept

After ‘We Ride,’ the girls wear seductive makeup and dark, gorgeous clothes, departing from their refreshing and cheerful summer idea. Another concept photo shows them in colorful preppy outfits. This is why some fans were disappointed that they would not be able to witness the Brave Girls perform in these stunning outfits.

Brave Girls ’After We Ride’ – Teaser

The girls teased the song video “After “We Ride” with a teaser. You will witness the females go through various emotions and dance to disco-pop sounds to a melancholy song.

Despite minimal promotional activities for this comeback, fans and non-fans alike are hoping that Brave Girls maintain their lucky run. With quadruple kills on music programs and chart-toppers, ‘Rollin’ was the most successful single of the first half of 2021. After nearly disbanding, the group reformed and landed a number of concerts. They partnered with Lotte and were included in Rain, Monsta X, and Ateez’s Starship x Pepsi worldwide collaboration.

Even their digital single from 2020, “We Ride,” grabbed traction at the same time as “Rollin'” and dominated the charts. The girls had three top ten hits in total, with ‘Chi Mat Ra Bam’ spending seven weeks in the top ten. It also had the most Gaon points for June and was one of the month’s best-selling singles. They also received the 2021 Brand of the Year Award for Best Female Idol Group and Hot Icon. Fans are hoping that this would generate enough interest for their repackaged record to be as successful.

The music video begins with Yujeong exiting her automobile, which is sitting in an empty night parking lot. Regrettably, you can notice that every one of the members is coping with their own problems. If everything feels familiar yet hopeless, from drinking away their tension to waiting for their phone to ring to hear back from someone. The girls are dressed for a vintage night on the town despite their difficulties, as seen by their clothes. It might be interpreted to mean that, while everything appears to be in order on the surface, everyone has days and periods in their lives when things do not go as planned. The sisters triumph over their difficulties, resolving to live for themselves rather than for others, and the story takes a happy turn. The MV concludes with the words “You are courageous” written in red lipstick on the automobile glass.

Due to the stunning surge in popularity of the group’s 2017 title single “Rollin,” sales of the Brave Entertainment group’s previous return album soared, selling over 60,000 copies to date. The album’s sales saved the ladies from disbandment, allowing them to get their first payment and pay off all of their obligations. Although the bulk of the songs aren’t complete originals, they’ve demonstrated their willingness to develop into a band with consistent and excellent releases with this repackage.

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