Bridgerton: Confessions of actor Regé-Jean Page about the hit Netflix series

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Bridgerton: Confessions of actor Regé-Jean Page about the hit Netflix series

Bridgerton, and especially the character Simon Basset played by Regé-Jean Page, was a phenomenon that aroused passions and amassed a large number of fans in a short time. The Duke of Hastings melted many people during the first season and they lamented the absence of him in this second installment. The same actor has also confessed what he misses and what he doesn’t in various interviews that have been done after the launch of this Netflix series.

Some curiosities that we found about this 33-year-old actor, is that during his time in Bridgerton he really enjoyed the scenes where he had to box since they were moments where his physical condition was challenged and he sweated quite a bit, he had a great time doing them; and he added that “It was so much fun to do something so physical and exhausting and get into visceral play with the other actors.” In fact, he noted that he got along well with his colleague Martins Imhangbe who played Will the boxer in the series.

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The love scenes he shared with his partner in the series, Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne Bridgerton) were easy for Page to interpret as he has also confessed that he is a big fan of romance as a concept. “It’s a wonderful thing and we need more of it in the world,” she said in an interview they conducted while speculating about her personal relationship with her co-star.

Music has always been present in Page’s life, since a few years before Bridgerton’s success he was part of a punk band with his brother Tose Page. Indeed, to concentrate on the scenes he needed to listen to music and be able to relax depending on the scene to be performed.

“I listen to music all the time. I use it as a counterbalance to what happens during the day. A lot of character work to find out what the differences are and what the bridges are between Simon and myself has to do with rhythm and tempo. It will be Deftones one moment, it will be Vivaldi the next, it will be Nina Simone next… It really depends on the tempo and rhythm that the moment needs compared to where I am, and how to do a little alchemy with the”.

Playing Simon Basset was a complete experience that Page was able to enjoy from start to finish. Moreover, in a statement near the end of the first season of Bridgerton, he was able to confess that one of the characteristics of the Duke’s character that he liked the most was the costumes and the attention to detail by the production team in each outfit. . He was always dressed to the nines as the character required because he was high class and could not afford to be ragged or disheveled at any time.

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As for his fame after the series, it could be felt on his social networks, since the numbers on his official Instagram account increased considerably from 79 thousand followers to 3.3 million, a record for how quickly he achieved this figure. The scenes in which she showed the most skin were the episodes in which the most tuning was recorded according to Netflix. He is expected to announce soon what his next forays will be to track down this actor.

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