Bridgerton Season 2: The drama is dethroned by this Netflix youth series

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Bridgerton Season 2: The drama is dethroned by this Netflix youth series

Bridgerton is the television adaptation created by Chris Van Duse and produced by Shonda Rhimes inspired by the literary work of Julia Quinn. Premiering in December 2020, the period drama that follows 19th-century London nobility, in its first 28 days after the debut of its first eight episodes on streamer Netflix, managed to garner over 80 million views worldwide. world becoming the biggest success in the entire history of the platform.

The hit series returned to fans’ screens after being absent for over a year. On March 25, Birdgerton season 2 premiered and in its first weekend on Netflix it again ranked first in the Top 10 breaking a new record as the most watched series in English.

In its first week of release, Bridgerton managed to capture the attention of millions of viewers reaching 251.7 million hours of viewing. However, among all of Netflix’s global productions, the historical drama has not been able to beat The Squid Game, which has 571.8 million hours of viewing in its first week of release.

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However, Brigderton has just been dethroned by season 5 of a Spanish teen drama that hit the platform on April 8, displacing the period series according to a recent report. Elite, has taken over the top of the streaming giant, leaving Bridgerton in third place in the Top 10 series.

It is important to point out that despite the fact that Bridgerton managed to maintain great audience numbers for a long time, staying at the top of Netflix for about two weeks, the arrival of the fifth installment of the Spanish series Elite, becomes the most watched program in less than a week.

Bridgerton will return for a fourth season on Netflix. Producer Shonda Rhimes has an exclusive deal with the broadcaster, however it is not known how many seasons the show will have. However, its enormous success must be taken into account, which would mean that there will be new episodes beyond a fourth installment.

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