Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Are Reportedly Getting Married Today

Samuel Edwards

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All indications are that Britney Spears has grown tired of waiting to marry her fiancé Sam Asghari. The TMZ portal, a specialist in uncovering the dirty rags of celebrities and bursting the exclusives, ensures that the singer will get married on Thursday in an intimate wedding that will only be attended by a hundred people.

This hypothesis is supported, according to this media, by the fact that a few hours ago Britney published a series of videos in her Stories aboard a Rolls Royce to confess that she was having a very emotional day. He also revealed that he had just had a manicure, something to look forward to if he is really about to celebrate his wedding while showing off in front of the camera his glitter-covered nails and his impressive engagement ring.

The big absentees on her big day would be the artist’s father, Jamie Spears, her mother Lynne and her sister Jamie Lynn, so it would still be deciding who will accompany her on her way to the altar. Who would have gotten an invitation to the link is Britney’s lesser-known brother, Bryan, with whom she has starred in her pluses and minuses, but who at least supported her from the beginning of her court battle to get rid of the guardianship to which she was subjected.

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The pop princess has a very complicated relationship with her father, whom she has accused of exploiting the power he wielded over her while she held the position of legal guardian, and maintains that her mother and sister stood idly by watching as she literally became a prisoner of the people who had to look after her interests. In fact, he considers that the publication of Jamie Lynn’s memoir is just one more attempt to continue profiting at his expense, as he says Jamie Lynn has done throughout his life.

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