Britney Spears compares herself to Jennifer Lopez when talking about her abusive guardianship

Samuel Edwards

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The singer Britney Spears has returned to reflect on the nightmare she experienced during her 13 years of oppressive legal guardianship, controlled with an iron fist by her father Jamie and by those managers and other directors who had her completely subjugated both personally and in the professional.

The pop princess has offered new details about the humiliating treatment she suffered during that long season, which ended in November 2021 by order of the California Supreme Court. But the most surprising thing about the new message that she has shared on her Instagram account has been the strange comparison that she makes between her career and that of Jennifer Lopez, another of the artists who stood out as singers in the final stretch of the nineties.

The interpreter of ‘Toxic’ maintains that the diva from the Bronx would never have tolerated the outrages that she had to endure since 2007, among other reasons because her own family would have come to the rescue at the slightest indication of abuse. It must be remembered that, in addition to publicly attacking her father and taking him to court for his outrageous management of the guardianship, Britney Spears attributes to her mother Lynne and her younger sister Jamie Lynn a passive attitude and even an accomplice with those who made her life a hell

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“I’d like to see someone telling Jennifer Lopez that she has to sit around eight hours a day, seven days a week… No car. I’d like to see a management team telling Jennifer Lopez that she has to put up with whatever I had to put up with it. What the f*** do you think he would have done? His family would never have allowed it. After nearly 14 years of getting no for everything I wanted… Everything has been ruined for me. But the worst part was that my family had me locked up in that place for months. Jesus Christ!”

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