Britney Spears says she is the one who controls her social networks

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Singer Britney Spears is debunking rumors that her work team was in control of her Twitter and Instagram.

Billy Brasfield, former makeup artist of the “Princess of Pop”, Britney Spears, began to rumor that the singer was not the one who posted on their social networks, and that other people had control over their accounts. However, she herself has denied this gossip, ensuring that it is she who uses her Twitter and Instagram.

As we have already informed you, Britney’s life has been on everyone’s lips since it became known that the American artist had started a legal lawsuit against her father and guardian, Jamie Spears.

But in a recent interview for TMZ, Britney affirms that despite what has been rumored, it is she herself who shares her videos, photos, and texts on social networks.

The former makeup artist made that revelation after the celebrity said on Instagram that she “cried for two weeks” after watching a portion of the documentary “Framing Britney Spears . ”

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Since Billy Brasfield considers that Britney’s work team (which is actually her fathers) were the ones who wrote that to discredit said documentary that has raised some difficult issues in the life of the “Princess of Pop . ”

Britney Spears and the trial against her father.

Britney Spears’ father has been the legal guardian of the “Toxic” performer for more than a decade. Therefore, the 39-year-old pop star cannot make her own professional and personal decisions.

For this reason, the 39-year-old singer has started a lawsuit against Jamie Spears so that the man ceases to be her guardian and this responsibility remains in the hands of other people whom Britney trusts.

Fans of the singer hope that in the next trial, Britney is finally free, and can begin to have a little more control over her career and private life.

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