Britney Spears totally naked in front of tourists: is she going too far? His sons can’t take it anymore

Samuel Edwards

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The lascivious poses of Britney Spears follow and follow each other on Instagram. This time, the 40-year-old star went even further by posing completely naked on a public beach in Hawaii. What reinforce the discomfort felt by his two sons Jayden and Sean Preston.

At 40, Britney Spears wants to be more fulfilled than ever, with her husband Sam Asghari and freed from his legal guardianship. However, his posts and videos on Instagram sometimes cast doubt on his true condition, particularly in view of his difficult relationship with his sons Jayden (16) and Sean Preston (17), born from his past marriage with Kevin Federline, displayed in the public square. The new images that she posted on the social network and on which she appears completely naked, further fuel the idea that the famous BritBrit is lost in her moods…

Staying on a public beach in Hawaii, in front of other tourists, Britney Spears showed off her whole body, top and bottom. By publishing his photos, the popstar simply added a few emojis to cover up what could jeopardize her post on Instagram and wears a hat on her head hiding her new haircut – she confided earlier that she cut her hair and did not dare to show it. This series of photographs comes after an interview with her two teenage sons, during which they admitted to being embarrassed by her ultra sexy posts. The youngest, Jayden, added that he wondered if it would ever end.

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