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A few days ago it was announced that Bruce Willis will definitively retire from his work as an actor, because the actor has been diagnosed with aphasia, a disease that affects his ability to speak, write and communicate correctly. Now, one of the directors he recently worked with mentions that the actor’s dialogues were cut at the request of the family.

A few months ago, speculation began about the health situation that Bruce Willis was going through, as there were reports that the protagonist of ‘Hard To Kill’ suffered from the first symptoms of dementia, and could not remember his dialogues. Rumors suggested that the actor began to sign up for low-quality productions, in order to pay for his medical expenses before it was too late.

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But his family confirmed that Bruce Willis suffers from aphasia, a disease that prevents him from communicating assertively. Even in an article in the Los Angeles Times they talked about how this condition has affected the actor, and the productions in which he has recently participated, which were pointed out as the worst in his career, with multiple nominations at the Razzie Awards.

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Some of the productions in which Bruce Willis participated recently assigned him a stunt double for the most complicated scenes, in addition to the reduction of his dialogues, so as not to have to memorize long lines of conversation, and an earpiece to be able to tell him in time real the most complicated parts of the script, according to the article in the middle.

Bruce Willis’s health problems on recording sets

One of the first to notice the health condition that Bruce Willis was going through was Mike Burns, the director of ‘Out of Death’, who said in an interview for The Times that he had noticed several signs in his behavior. Even after several requests, he had to reduce the actor’s dialogue, and compress his screen time, in order to finish his work in one day.

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The director commented, “After the first day of working with Bruce, I got to see him firsthand and realized there was a bigger problem at play here and the fact that they asked me to shorten his lines.” The concern of the family of Bruce Willis is urgent, as they fear that his health will deteriorate rapidly, and that he will lose the ability to communicate completely.

Only this year 2022, 8 films will be released with Bruce Willis, and they will close the cycle of his career. Some of the members of these productions stated that they doubted that the actor knew what he was doing on the recording set. The family has requested that they give the actor privacy at this time.

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