Bryce Hall Indulged In A New Brawl With A YouTuber!

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Bryce Hall has been making headlines for a few months every now and then due to his controversies more than his TikTok career. Recently, the TikToker ended up getting into a violent brawl with YouTuber Austin McBroom during the press conference of a celebrity boxing match. Both will be having their fight on June 12 at the Fred Segal.

Should Bryce Hall Cancel The Boxing Match?

Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall will be getting on a boxing match on June 12, 2021. The Youtuber and TikToker have already got into a huge brawl, the two literally attacked each other during a recent press conference. Austin commented on the brawl, “Bryce is just as strong as my 10-month-old son … How can you fall over from your own push?”

But that’s not enough, Addison Rae’s ex-boyfriend, also got his hands on the YouTuber and rapper KSI. He tweeted, “KSI said he’d beat me in the ring. HAHAHAHA. When he’s over the shit on June 12th, I’ll spank his ass. That’ll happen.”  

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Why Is Bryce Hall So Aggressive?

So some have wondered the past few days. Is Bryce Hall still jealous of ex Addison Rae, who snogged Tanner Buchanan on the MTV Movie Awards stage? The on-off connection between the two TikTok stars continues to stand out as truly newsworthy, however, now the two ought to at long last end. Is that why he’s bubbling inside? Maybe this indignation will help him in his bouts. We are energized!

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