Bryce Hall: That’s how much the TikTok star earns from his boxing match

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Bryce Hall is set to face a YouTube star in a boxing match. Now he has revealed how much money he will make from the event.

Battle of the social media stars: Bryce Hall boxes against YouTubers

Bryce Hall actually speaks openly about anything and does not mince words. A few weeks ago, Bryce Hall revealed in a long statement why the split with Addison Rae came about. The TikTok star is also not afraid to defend itself if it feels that it has been treated unfairly. When Addison revealed to Rae that she was “disappointed” with him, Bryce Hall responded immediately, asserting that he had not cheated on his ex-girlfriend. Soon, however, the TikTok star will have to defend himself with his fists. In the summer, Bryce Hall wants to fight YouTuber Austin McBroom in a boxing match. In a podcast, he has now revealed how much money he will earn with this event.

Addison Rae And Bryce Hall Separated?

That’s how much money Bryce Hall makes from his boxing match

YouTuber versus TikToker: That is the motto of the “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms” event. There will be several boxing matches in which social stars like Nick Austin, Tanner Fox, Tayler Holder, Danny Duncan, Michael Le, Faze Jarvis, and many more will compete against each other. Bryce Hall will take on Austin McBroom and reveals in a podcast how much money he will get for participating in the boxing match: ” So I get 4% of the View earnings, then 5 million as soon as I step in the ring and a million as a knockout -Bonus.” That’s a decent sum for a single event! The TikToker and YouTuber are already teasing each other on social media and are diligently applying for their boxing match on June 12, 2021. We are very excited to see how it will turn out …

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